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What in Jyotish deals with “Respect”
What in Jyotish deals with “Respect”

Respect from others is a function of benefics in general. Jupiter is heavily involved with ontology, or ladders of placement and respect systems. Notice, simply disrespecting the judge or due process in a court of law is grounds for "contempt of court". So see, Jupiter takes it is respect quite seriously.

Jupiter well placed, along with the bright Planets and the angles have to do with respect. Strong, bright and clear angles and benefics brings the issues of respect to prominence, and the person gets respect.

Saturn is low, and certain Signs are less respectable. Saturn gets no guarantee of proper understanding or respect. For example, if a Saint is eaten by a tiger, it is a great loss to the world, more so than if the tiger eats another animal. When this happens, it is simply Saturn at work, because for all his hard work to become a righteous and useful human being, the Saint is surely unhappy to simply end up as tiger stool.

So when the Jews were lined up to be gassed by the Nazis, amongst them were highly educated ones, and mixed in also were the uneducated ones. At this point of destruction, it is hard to tell who is who, as the distinguishing marks of different levels of quality clothing, and other things that distinguish us, are stripped away. This is the work of Saturn To humiliate and equalize, to strip distinguishing traits.

Notice the Generation X folks tried to hard to strip their own beauty and distinguishing traits in a sea of black leather, mettle, shaved heads, etc., to all simply look like grunge and dirt. So many of them have Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Debilitated, aka, the mid to late sixties kids...

Highly advanced beings are careful to respect nearly everything, more than it deserves. One of our Gurus once said of the Holy Lands (Such as Sri Navadwip Dham) that "a smart person offers respects to EVERY rock here, (in the Holy Place), because you never know, which one is a hiding Salagram" (a worshipped rock, being thought of as non-different from Vishnu's own form).

In fact, you do never know what you're dealing with, not in any person nor thing on Earth, so respect is good. Vaishnavism is basically just a system of understanding Ontologically what is what, who is who, how is the ladder of reality constructed. Judging from Vedic texts and teaching, it would seem that respect, properly understood and placed, is nearly the entire system of perfection itself.

Humility and respect are definitely key traits in the spiritual understanding of Ancient India, and Vaishnavism, and therefore my heart and path...

People with strongly placed Jupiter's such as myself, may seek respect or need it, or command it, etc., as respect and strong Jupiter travel together, it will be an issue in some way or another.

My father got a serious emotional and brain condition in his 40's, which ruined his life. He received no real respect after that in life, except from one woman, who married him later (not my mother). It is humiliating to be considered "an invalid with a brain disorder". Everybody just treated him like he was a retard. Did not take him seriously. For an ex naval officer war hero, this is humiliating. I have Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th (Father House). Both a strong Jupiter and a malefic Saturn are there. He was a good man, a hero, and a father of 11 children, including me, a person of at least a little purport in the world. Yet he was greatly humiliated and ignored for the second half of his life. This is the meaning of Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in the 9th, as far as father goes for me. See the play of respect and humiliation.

Saturn is Aries, this means that the low are in danger. The Kosovo thing comes up, the WWII thing was similar. The low, those in power, the Jupiter savior, etc. See that Saturn rules where there is disrespect for life. When I see these lines of people in the camps in Macedonia, it is just so much debilitated Saturn They are poor already, but now they have nothing. They are brownish looking nobodies, dirty, tired, disrespected, human trash, without country even. (I'm speaking archetypically, not from my heart or mind personally). Death just trashes you without care or respect, therefore the Karaka is Shani Deva, the equalizer, the non-caring.

The only difference between Queen Elizabeth and a Kosovar Albanian is the surrounding pomp. All anatomical parts laid out on the road side by side and they'll appear quite similar. The right to be in the Windsor castle without contest is the only difference. It is all a matter of respect. Ownership of goods is simply uncontested hoarding, social acceptance of mutual selfishness, That is why we're here, to get our respect straight....collective Karma for the collective consciousness.

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