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The Sun and Ego
The Sun and Ego

Things that go with a strong Sun are Pride, Arrogance, Command, Self Faith, and Difficulty with humility.

These are spiritually considered the wrong direction for the Soul.

Thus an increase of Sun equals an increase in Ahamkara or false Ego, which means that Sun rules Ego.

In my humble observations I have found the Sun to be the ruler of the Ego, when Ego is understood from a Bhagavat viewpoint. I would translate Ego as Ahamkara , or "false Ego" as Srila Prabhupada called it.

A distinction was made between real Ego, that Ego, which is experienced by a fully pure and perfect saintly liberated Soul, and that, which is experienced by the average persons of this plane, Bhur Loka.

The mental image I subscribe to of the Ego places it is rulership squarely with the Solar influence.

The Sun is the Atma Karaka Planet it is said. The Atma at this time, here in Bhur Loka under the control of Jyotish and Grahas etc., is a malefic Soul, searching for self gratification hopelessly. The Soul is in school currently here. There is a basic flaw that is being purged. That flaw is like the Sun. It is burning itself to light it is way. Our separateness requires ignorance, which is ultimately a cause of pain.

If it were not for the Sun here, this would be an incredibly cold and dark place. We are on a rock floating in a cold space. Dismal. So just as the Sun lights up this space, so the Soul lights up the body. That is why Sun is Atma Karaka.

So therefore Ego must also be ruled by the Sun because if it is the Soul then it is absolutely root responsible for the main and most important aspects of the Soul here the chief of, which is to explain why it is here, which is the root of Ego.

We are here to try to be separate from God, and thus learn gradually the beautifying effect upon our own lives of going back to Him fully. All bad things happen when we forget Him, like we eat each other and stuff like that (Jurassic Park), and all good things happen when we go back to Him.

Sometimes people ask why bad things can happen if there's a good God. It is this: In order to be fully separated from God as a Soul He can play with, and interact with as a free agent, in order to create that fully, the small Souls, ourselves, are put through a gauntlet, this material world, which has built into it a perfect illusion of free will. We go at it, we mess up, we suffer, we cry, and essentially buy our independence from God by actually finding for ourselves, with our own pain, a path back to His Holy Feet, which makes sense to us, that we chose, that we are able to support, know and love as right for us from the bottoms of our hearts. We must pay for our individuality in this way.

Otherwise, we would be in an all perfect place, created to be parts of it, with no independence. It would not be fun for Him, because we would all just be his mind. In order to make us actually separated interactive playmates, He had to set us actually free. Since That is not possible, he created a veil between Himself and His Holy Worlds, and us here, and made this place autonomous and self sustaining.

He created this place to look just like his own worlds, and filled it with a host of beings and a control system, and actually imperceptible gradual elevation through thousands and millions of levels of potential life experiences for the Soul to move through.

But he removed the guidance, the central nervous system, which is present in His world, which is that every living being is fully aware of Him and guided by Holiness.

So this world became although populated nicely, very full of ignorance too.

So the Sun is the misled or ignorantly infused Soul here. To the degree that the person lacks awareness of their dependency on God, to that degree they will manifest heightened Ego of the Solar Aggressive type in this world. Therefore, it may be better for spiritual life to have a smaller Sun in one's chart in this life.

Those persons who are stuffed full of Sun and Mars in key places in this life in their charts manifest as aggressive, grandiose, leaders, significant, impactful, and central. They tend to shape things around them and become defacto leaders, basically born of their own heat and activity. They have a mission and purpose, a passion, a desire, and they use fire or "burn the surroundings" mentality. They use things around them as fuel for their passion or desire, like engaging others in "meaningful services" for the cause. They borrow your resources or take them, or buy them, they engage you, they arrange things, and make things happen.

All of the great weapons were made by Mars and Sun boys as their toys. If it were not for these explorative, investigating, producing and otherwise aggressive persons, there would be no weapons.

The Ego stomps in, as the Sun, shining with his own light, filling the body with the light of life. The Soul is thinking it is this body, and it is got an agenda. That Soul, or Sun, is the Ego.

Things that go with a strong Sun are Pride, Arrogance, Command, Self Faith, and Difficulty with humility.

These are spiritually considered the wrong direction for the Soul.

Thus an increase of Sun equals an increase in Ahamkara or false Ego, which means that Sun rules Ego.

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