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The Screams Next Door
The Screams Next Door

One night, long ago near the Etruscan border of Northern Italy, about 50 years before Christ, a Celtic family Saturn in their mud hut. Their was a father, a mother, and a few children. They were sitting around one night like any, when suddenly from the next hut over was heard screaming by a woman, as if she was losing her life to a powerful Roman soldier. Now the oddest thing happened. Nobody did anything, and it seemed the woman finally died. Now while they were ignoring the screaming, they did the oddest behaviors, which you really must hear about. The father, 1st of all, fully aware of what the screams must mean, acted angry. He huffed and puffed, and acted as if very bothered, but he just Saturn there, and did not do anything substantial. He just acted huffy and puffy; basically he acted very bothered. The mother was at 1st horrified, then she looked at the father, watched him until she could tell he would do nothing, then she looked back at her knitting with a great look of victimization and inability to do anything, and like a sad prisoner, she shrunk back into her knitting, as if fully surrendered to it. The eldest son, he too looked at the father, and he jittered and pulsated with energy, it was as if he would explode, then he stomped around, yelling "aren't you going to do anything", at the father, over and over, and he himself just stomped and stomped, he tore things off the wall, yelled, and screamed, but never left the room, and ultimately he went into his bedroom and covered his head and screamed into his pillow until it stopped next door, then he just cried for hours, then feel asleep. The eldest daughter immediately ran into her bedroom, and hiding in a corner, she shrank into herself and screamed and cried, and is still there, in a frozen ball, sobbing. The younger daughter Saturn at the table with a blank stare on her face. She's still there too. The youngest of all, the younger son, he did not get at all what was going on, for he was very young, and did not understand the significance of screaming, so he ran out the door, ran next door, and into the House, burst right in, and saw the newly arrived relative of the normal lady of the House giving birth, and right now he's sitting over there watching the new mother breast feed the baby. The rest of the people back next door are still in all their fear, angry, frozen, sleeping, staring, full of the fear and pain of death, while next door, there is new life.

Go with the flow, from death, cometh life, in a circle unbroken, this knowledge, comes spoken.

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