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The last 30 years of consumption Venus run...
The last 30 years of consumption Venus run...

I remember the seventies, peace and love and knowledge, then when I turned 20, as a new monk, I saw the onslaught of short hair straight "engineers" and the 80's... Reagan, credit cards, purchasing rose, the 90's, got worse... here we are... whoa, I saw it all since 1960.

Side by side, the spirituality people have held on, while on the other side rampant materialism has been running wild, and it is Guru, Venus, Asura Guru, who's main message always is, if you ask of him with desire, he says: "Go ahead, forget about god and yourself, no conscience, do whatever you want to enjoy life here and now and look beautiful, enjoy sex, music, drink, and make money!". If you ask him as a lover of god, what to do, he will direct you towards beautifying god on Earth, being a person who makes beauty for god, according to, which House it is in, and Sign, and aspects upon it. It becomes a servant of Jupiter basically. That is why he's exalted in Pisces. His "diversion" of the humans to stupidity is NOT his choice, so he is exalted in the highest Sign of the REAL planetary Guru, Jupiter. So right now, Western culture has been having a perverted away from god Venus run, and what that invariably calls, is a Saturn run.. i.e., pollution, obstacles, trash, low class, dirty, hard work, oppression, darkness, and death... all the things you were trying to avoid.

Right and Opposite way: Accept Saturn, and you end up with Venus, accept austerity, become pretty, work out, become buff, hold your voice, no foot in mouth, perform spiritual work, get highest reward possible. Saturn 1st , Venus second. Work before pleasure. Credit is the opposite, pleasure before work That is a making of the evil. Charging interest on it, such that many families suffer, super evil. Those who are free from the nonsense are those who listen to Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, thus, outside the Venus/Mars grip on Earth or self, and outside the asteroid belt of confusion that also blocks wisdom and beyond. Beyond the belt of confusion, when you exit stupid life, 1st comes guru, wisdom and knowledge, then Saturn, work and truth, then Rahu, introduction to obscure new things, then Ketu, finishing of all these lessons, summing it up and ending it all fully. Done.

Same goes for Aries to Pisces, there is a reason for the flow. It emanates actually for Leo and Cancer, and then down two sides on either side of them, the king and queen, Saturn thus, ends up farthest from them, draw it and see, the Zodiac, with Leo and Cancer together at top. since i know the flow of the Universe, matters nature of evolving and revolving in time and space, thus the nature of all creations within it, I can see the future based on the present, which is nothing but permutations of the past realities, which i also know about. in time, the same energies mutate and elevate, an arrow becomes a 9 mil, a scroll becomes Google, and instead of nailing him to a cross, they jam his internet connection the same energies, the same Planets, same speeds, have ruled and will rule us for all time to come, unless we are in another zone, another system, which will have it is own nature and patterns of waves, which would likely kill any human from here. the secrets of astrology are the same as saying the secrets to all life. the numbers, Houses, Signs, Planets, rules, of the basic Parashari Jyotish, all work for real with real people now and in all history. i have seen that for myself repeatedly, continually, without fail so i know what's up next, pretty much always, just by looking at how a thing is now, as the cycles don't change, only the latitude of the details. we are latitudinally better than our ancestors, but we are identical to them in many ways, and thus the real seer sees, which is, which and why, and how it is about 2 luminaries, father and mother, 5 Planets, like 5 fingers or 4 limbs and head, and it is about these 2 outer strange things called the nodes of the Moon, and how that ACTUALLY shakes everyone’s BRAINS every 14 days... and how people born just right with these, especially Ketu, are like antennas to the other side... and see how and what is 9th to Lagna alignments when 9th lord is strong and dharmic. Why would this appear now? this chart, transit, and person, me, why now?


god, tenacity, oh well, it is 2010

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