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Religion, Philosophy, and Spirituality


Since you can understand me, you are a conscious human being. That means you are a sentient, or "feeling", being inside a human body made of flesh that will die, and you are so like all the other humans, that any doctor in any country could operate on you because your body is like all others. You are one of the humans. You have a particular mix of genes of past defined races, and you were born into some cultural mix somewhere and these two define your subdivision within the human species, your country, race and creed, where you stand at this time in this temporary life. You share the Earth with all other humans and all living things on Earth. You live in and are dependent upon the organic systems of the Earth and its Galaxy, Universe and Space. You are in the physical laws that govern energy in this realm.

Most people tend to follow without questioning, they take on the religion and culture they are born in, and even "defend it with their life", without really ever examining others, enemy positions, alternative views, ways, etc. Thus there is continuity to culturally produced views, both good and bad.

There is a calling upon us all to see others as normal, as similar to ourselves. When you do that, then the ability to communicate with anyone becomes easy. When you love, you get the intelligence automatically how to talk with. When you respect, even a foreigner to you will feel it, and won't fear you, will cooperate more easily.

The folly is that people pretend to know things they do not know, and based on belief, as opposed to fact, they go about harming and offending others. For example, to think, "I am a Jew", and "I am a Muslim", and "I am a Christian", are all folly, because they identify directly with things, which cannot be known for sure, hence they are only beliefs. We hardly know anything for certain about Jesus for example, historically and logically speaking. Islam is primarily founded on the word of one man that he was seeing Angel Gabriel (convenient similarity to past local religious competition). Christianity is really founded on the fanatical and fantastic views of people who never met Jesus. Judaism is an archaic tribal identification.

Christianity, as we know it, was mostly created and spread by Paul, who never met Jesus. The other disciples mostly stayed in Jerusalem, and thought that it was only for Jews. White people had a set of religions much like Hinduism. We shared a common Proto-Indo-European root. Christianity was forced onto most as a political tool long ago, and it stuck. There are much better things available now, like meditation, vegetarianism, Hinduism and Buddhism infused philosophies, which are more logical and spiritual, more modern, better for everyone. As a descendent of Celts, I have right to our original religious views, and I'm not a Jew, don't need Jesus or the Old Torah of the Jews. It is not my book, not my concern, and I recommend to others that they not hold onto ancient tribal affiliations not follow old outdated unprovable huge fanatical cult faiths like Christianity and Islam.

Imagine if all people's stuck as strongly as the Jews to wanting THEIR homeland back, and wanting to remain tight knit, taking care of their own, having their own religious temples the world over, etc. Wow. There would be so many ancient tribal temples, every city would be chuck full, and every bit of land would be fought over by multiple competing tribes from different times in history, as we see in the "Holy Land". Why is that land "the Holy Land" to white people all over Europe and America, Australia, etc.? Because of the fanatical and fantastic views and speculations of people who never met Jesus, and their ideas took hold in Europe on the roads and heels of the then declining Roman Empire, and then was carried forward as the social structuring tool of European development throughout all the centuries that followed, and America is born from European roots, so it came here too.

The ancestors of the white people fought Rome so hard to keep Rome out of Europe, but after that were lost, Rome had its way with Europe, and thereafter Christianity dealt the final blow to Europe's cultures that existed before Rome and Christianity.

So white people, stripped of their own cultures, took up the cause supposedly of this one rebel Rabbi type of character from Roman Jerusalem 2000 years back...took up the stories and myths of this one person, as the all and all of their culture, fully allowing their own to die off for the most part.

Today in India we still find remnants of their ancient culture. It includes priests, rituals, beliefs, medicine herbal system of knowledge, astrology, divination, atonement rituals and prescriptions, and so on. These are also the elements found in the ancient culture of Europe, as documented by the invader, Julius Caesar, and others, themselves, in their own Latin and Greek histories.

Links to the Sanskrit ancient language of India are found throughout the ancient languages of Europe and thus scholars have devised a language understanding of the ancient Indo-European realm and dubbed it P.I.E. or Proto Indo European. So it is well known to scholars that ancient people of Europe, like the Celts, were related to India in some way, and other eastern sources. The beliefs in transmigration of the Soul and the use of divination and Planet reading were shared, as evidenced in the mythology of both India and Ireland.

Thus ancient white people basically believed as Hindus do, very, very similar. Until Rome’s greed, plunder, pillage, enslavement, and then the enslavement by a foreign religious cult, which doesn't make much spiritual sense anymore.

We now know, from world integration, more about Buddhism and Hinduism. We've received much more input than was available to people ever before. Many of us have been to far Eastern countries, studied there, seen it directly, and experienced the difference. We know the difference between a truly spiritual person and a typical Christian minister. You can't tell us, we know. If you don't, then you have something to discover that will be helpful.

The type of thing that comes in the form of Christianity is just admonishment or controlling structure with a really blunt spiritual backing to give it power. Like "be good, or else". "Be a good person, and a Christian, or else you're going to suffer, and the backing is well the great Jewish tribe, which produced this great prophet god character, and so you have to read the old Jewish book, and a little add on at the end about the life of the major magician, and the ramblings of the meanings of said life by a fanatical murderer convert who never met Jesus in the 1st place, who the real disciples feared and shunned. (Speaking of Paul, by his own account)

Sorry, That is not my understanding of the great spiritual reality in, which we live. I see a wonderful creation, by an intelligent source, and I see spirituality, believe in reincarnation, because it makes sense, spiritual sense, and I believe there is a reason, for this school, but that we don't know the details about the intelligent source, we only have ancient tribal beliefs in various ancient works, and they are not worth us hating each other over, killing over, being territorial, separatist, and hateful over.

It seems like just folly to let a book come between yourself and a human you can see right in front of yourself. Especially if it makes no real spiritual sense, and is just an expanded fanatical fantastic story about all kinds of promises from other worlds, all based in fully intoxicated fantastic unproven beliefs. I won't let such folly come between myself and a real living fellow human, or animal.

It would be nice if in all countries people had both true freedom and the intelligence and education to honor and use it properly. Until then, we can only keep trying towards that time.

No religion can prove its God.

No religion can prove their God exists, and therefore all their beliefs that their God told them x, y and z are all likely to be malarkey. I've searched the world over and I'm convinced, that God is a belief and cannot be proven. Then, I found that there are many ancient cultures, and they all had a system of belief, and there are similarities, and differences. But one standing out faded the more I met the ocean of them. Having gone into religion deeply, I have come out, and am spiritual, but not religious, but I have great respect for the good done in the name of all faiths, but still believe we have further evolution, which is towards spirituality as opposed to religions of old. Over time we've seen that these are just ancient belief systems, nothing more, and there were so many in the past, it is silly to focus on one or two. Instead, it is better to focus on things like purifying your thoughts, controlling your mind, focusing it on good, on manifesting goodness and peace, prosperity and health, learning to be a fully functioning spirit with all others, and not a religious fanatic who sees in a divisive and separatist way. It makes much more sense that the creator is interested in all its creation, all it is children, not just some, that none are more special, but rather, that all Souls are in school, people are in various grades of lessons, some more advanced here, some more advanced over here in these areas, so diversity exists, and we're all moving forward in the lessons, moving towards the goal, and we're not sure what exactly that goal is, it is hidden from us in mystery, which we can just accept.

So these days we don't need to believe in or follow the religious tenets, which were really compromised, full of considerations, and eventually full of manipulations, that come from ancient problems, ancient necessities and situations that no longer exist, or don't have to exist. It is my proposal that any thinking person should really rethink their religion and spiritual life if they are currently living under a religion that was formed thousands of years ago – or even hundreds of years ago.

Rethink your values. Start at the base of yourself and rebuild yourself. It doesn't take that long; it is not that hard. Question what you believe. Is your religious belief bringing you together with all Souls or pulling it apart? Does your religion teach of the oneness of life or does it teach war? Does it teach judgment and hatred?

Right now in America, a lot of people sort of make it seem like Christianity is for the rich. A lot of rich, powerful people say they are Christian. When I read the New Testament, when I study the words of Jesus, which I've done a lot… I've read the New Testament over and over many times, and parts of the Old Testament (or I've read through it here and there, however you want to look at it). But the words of Jesus, Christianity's source, when I read those, I do not see the Republican Party of America. I do not see billionaires who own corporations. I don't see Jesus advocating that mood, that way of life, any of that! I don't see how these folks, highly materially wealthy people, who don't seem to have a lot of feeling for their workers or for the masses on Earth, or for other cultures – brotherly love, sharing, and equality – all the things that Jesus talked about – I don't see in them. But they act like they own Christianity. So question they should, you should, everyone should – question their values and their views, their knowledge. Rethink things. It is a new day. It is a new age.

We don't have to follow our old thinking patterns that were based on very ancient times and very ancient ignorance, ancient manipulations, ancient considerations. We don't have to. Look at your values. Look deep inside yourself. What are you running off of? Is it true? Is it helpful, to you, to the world, to others? Is it about eternal life, of all living beings? Does it truly contain love thy neighbor as thyself? Honor thy father and mother? Does it truly contain the equality hinted at in these core spiritual values?

So question yourself. Rebuild yourself in true spirit. And thus you'll find greater happiness. You won't be so full of fear, anxiety, etc. You'll have more to share with your brothers and sisters. There will be more happiness on Earth. We will move faster, further towards the goal of peace, oneness and happiness if everyone does this.

Our religions and our governments should bring us together, not apart.

You should seek that. Not only rethink yourself; rethink your cultures; rethink your governments. Seek oneness of mankind. Seek brotherhood, sharing, equality, mutual caring and respect. And these cultures, they have a lot of beauty in them, but they also have elements of separation, pride and Ego. They all do, including the ones I love. The ancient culture, say, of the Celts of Europe, which I have great affection for. I am half Irish in this life and I love it – mean I love studying them. But there's a lot of pride, a lot of love of war – things that were necessary perhaps then. But times have changed, so although we can keep our cultures alive and enjoy them and celebrate them, we have to also know the limitations, and the new blessings of our increasing oneness, and our increasing awareness – not just cling to old religions and old cultures that keep us separate and apart and harming each other, hating each other, fearing each other. But keep alive the good and move on into new good – that is what we should be doing. That is what would be helpful.

For what we want now and in the future is to be happy. That is what we want. You cannot be happy if you are constantly in the stress of worrying about being attacked. And if you attack, you must worry about being attacked. If you push a people away, or if you push anything into shadow, it will come screaming back out of shadow at you. This is the whole essence of the scary movie – that what is pushed away to shadow comes screaming back out of shadow. A people marginalized are a people on a mission for retribution. Whether it is the Irish who feel marginalized by the British, or the Palestinians who feel marginalized by the Israelis, the American Indians who felt marginalized when their land was invaded – it doesn't matter who, or where, what century it is – if you push a people, they will push back. That is not the way. Ultimately we have to learn how to respect, love and include everyone and everything, all of life. It will become, in the future, about balance, and this is to achieve happiness. That is the aim.


By "Spirituality", what I mean, is simply this: To believe that life is divine, that there is an intelligent source and a reason for life, for creation, that the Universe, that this life, is a schooling process, and that eventually all Souls move on, that there are further destinations and other realms, but the details of all these things cannot be certain, they remain in mystery, yet we feel them, know them, they make sense, they are logical extensions of life as it can be seen, and they are not in conflict with science in its continuing discovery of physical law.

Religions believe arbitrary things, name those beliefs as dogma, the believers tow the line, it has nothing to do with nature, it is about some certain person in history, some drama around that person, a bunch of creeds and dogmas flow from it, and everyone agrees, to abide and be punished over, etc. That is religion.

I do know that religions have been the structure upon, which societies have formed. I lived in a Hindu centered life and community for many years, so I have experienced having a life centered around my religion rather fully. I know the feeling. I know how pivotal this feels to people in that, and I respect them fully. I mean no ill will. I cannot however, change my realizations, nor do I want to. We shall have to coexist. I love the spirit of religion, the wanting of high and good order, divine opulence, eternality, etc. That same goodness, the spirit of goodness, the wanting of goodness, can be had in a more natural, spiritual, good, full, whole, healthy, universal view of life, which is more science ,at, ease or compatible if you will, and doesn't link you to ancient battle lines, or boring books that don't socially apply at all anymore, etc.

It is spiritually beautiful to love other people, you don't have to do it in the name of one ancient prophet...for us, and to love and serve each other makes excellent spiritual, emotional and material sense! You are a wonderful spiritual creature for REAL. It is not so because one ancient person or group in one ancient place had some drama and saved you, no, you are a spiritual entity because you are alive, because you ARE a spark of life, you ARE a part of the Soul of humankind, you are a real sample of the thing we are talking about when we talk about a human Soul. You are one, period. It has nothing to do with any ancient history, any one person, any one tribe, their books and beliefs, none of that, you are what you are because That is what you are, and because you exist, That is what gives them the idea to talk to you about your right, about what you are, about your Soul, not the other way around...their lives don’t give you your divinity, you are divine, because you exist, That is the proof, the proof that you are divine, is that you are in front of my eyes, your own eyes, you exist, therefore, you are a Soul, and you are a spirit, and whoever/whatever is God, you are linked to that entity in the way that you are, because you are born within its divine creation here, and therefore you are one of its creations of living consciousness, what we call Soul or spirit. It is all going on, and has nothing to do with any existing religion like I mean specifically Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and those kinds of religions. Some religions are more just philosophies, but in any case, all humans are divine by right.

Unfortunately, I do see that there are groups who refuse to deal nicely, or those who cannot seem to understand what seems like obvious reasoning, or who are stuck on a course of violence, and that therefore not all are reachable, and that there is a place for defense. It has always been, and will remain, a part of life, but it should always be seen a certain way. It is not to be played with at all; it is not a light thing, not a toy, not a game, not a joke, not entertainment.

I do not have a specific god, nor a specific religion, nor do I know who God is, or what God is like, but still, I can go on, and I do, monitoring myself in many ways, to be good, to be productive, for example, to be going in a good direction for myself and others, I check myself, examine myself, for character, because of reality, not because of a religion, but reality, the reality of what I see we are, where I see that I am. Souls in temporary bodies, is a tough place, so I see a need for us all to be nice to each other. We are obviously a family. It is pretty simple, really.

We want to live and be happy, but the dictates of this place is that it is hard, so it seems, and we die, so it seems. So we are directly challenged. We want happiness, and it is hard. We want to live, and it appears we are forced to grow old, suffer diseases sometimes, and always die. There are seemingly mental "stay positive" ideas, and there's bitching about it and becoming cynical. What's the right or smart way to be, based on the reality of where we are?

The right and smart way to be in my opinion is this at this time: Never mind focusing too much on death or negative possibilities, for these things come, but if you think of them constantly, they ruin the living period. So don't do that. The living period is much nicer if you are in positive moods.

Dancing comes out of people when they hear dance music, for dance is actually already in everyone, ready to respond to the call of the beat of life they feel, so too, this applies to spirit.

At times in history, great material strides were made. For example, there was a time when Europe was, you know, a couple thousand years ago, at the time of Jesus, the height of Rome, and white people in Europe were in a certain condition and they believed in reincarnation. They were called the Celts. They had priests called Druids. Rome was down south in Italy, and Rome came up and conquered eventually. During that time Rome was working off the Greek enlightenment and making a lot of material progress and inventing a lot of fantastic new material things that had never been seen before, as were other people in other places. There was a lot of material advancement. And then Jesus came, and that happened, then Christianity spread and the Roman Empire and eventually Constantine the Emperor converted, and then Paul, he had gone north and things spread up into Europe and white man was converted and eventually America was formed and here we are.

At times in history, when there is overriding material advancement, people like that, they want that, because it seems to be ending their suffering – the new material stuff, which is nice, they think. And at those times, the spiritual progress, or the spiritual life of mankind is sidetracked by, you could say, science or material advancement – they're related. People's inventive scientific capabilities lead to new material advances, like computers, like the Internet, like cell phones. Back in Roman times it was things like water aqueducts, improved irrigation systems, improved methods of building, improved methods of managing cities, etc. So the point I want to get to is this: religions, mans religions are often formed out of consideration of current material situations and the eternal spiritual calling. To be exact, Christianity as we've known it for 2000 years, is somewhat compromised. They've allowed, in the early days of it, they allowed various considerations to shape the doctrines of the Church. "Considerations" is coming from Latin and Greek meaning to you know, try to, it actually means to forecast what will the stars give. It is a fancy way of saying to try to premeditate what do I want, therefore what should I do now to get what I want. Consider comes from con-sidereal, which means to ponder the stars, actually, interestingly.

To consider what will be the outcome, they then shaped the religion. That is manipulative, actually. And it backfires. So in so called Christian countries, people are not that Christian. If you read the basic tenets of Jesus' teachings and of the Bible, you don't find these things being followed very much even by the people who are supposedly Christians. Because really, actually, it is not natural to them. It doesn't actually make sense, either. Not really. The reason that Christianity has become so widespread, or Islam, same thing actually, same reasons – very similar religion, actually, similar concepts and so forth. The reasons these spread go back to great historical facts and realities. Like for example, if Rome came with a religion to some kind of backwards city or village in Europe, and the soldiers were carrying that power, which they did. The soldiers were in power, the Roman government was in power – if it brought in a religion and said, basically, convert or you won't be fed, then everybody converted. It is by force.

Similarly, I lived in Bengal, India at times in this life when I was in the Hare Krishna movement and I saw that our big, huge temple in Mayapur, Bengal, which is in a very poor, rural part of Bengal, near Bangladesh down in the delta of the Ganges river – the villagers in that area would often join our temple and become monks, just to get better food. That is why they joined. They would take on the religion, which was their religion in one sense, which is from that area, it is very familiar to them – chanting Hare Krishna, and worshiping Krishna is completely familiar to them. But the fact that they would leave their village life, leave their families, put on a monk's robe, adopt celibacy, feigned or real, was in order to have a better material life. That is why they did it for real.

In the same way, in ancient Europe, That is why many people converted to Christianity. Similar with Islam, long ago many people converted just to spare their lives because it was being spread at the tip of a sword, very often. This is definitely true in India where the history shows that the Mogul invasion was really quite bloody, quite forced upon the people quite often.

So it is everywhere, not special with Islam. But religions in the old times were often spread as part of a great political agenda. People had to convert really in order to eat or remain a part of society. Or, for example, very often children were used. Religions would grab a hold of the schools. So if you want your children educated, you basically turned them over to the religious people who would then convert your children and eventually therefore society.

My friends in Ireland say this is still true in Ireland, where the Catholic Church controls the schools – so people are raised with that conception, and thus society ends up with that conception because children become adults. That doesn't make these religions true, or correct – that just makes them tools. The past is different than the present. We always are making constant progress, or change at least. At this time, like right now you're watching this video – we have great capacity at this time to share truth – more than before. No one is threatening me with a sword right now. I can make money and go buy food without adhering to any religion. Although I'm in America, I don't have to be Christian. We're quite free here. So I am what I am, which is by choice, I've been all over the world – I'm truly speaking from my heart, from what I've learned from all over the world. I've been to 26 countries. I've read the religious books of many cultures. I've had time and ability to research, study and think – much more than people in the past. I mean, 2000 years ago, how many people traveled all around the world? None. Almost none! Really, none. But I've been literally around the globe four times. Lived in 26 countries. I've Saturn and studied and learned from Brahmins in the jungles of India and I'm half German and half white – and now I live on the coast of a country far, far, far away from there. That wasn't even known about to my races or the Indians 2000 years ago. So times are greatly different. Greatly enhanced, actually.

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