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How Bad Planets Make Good People
How Bad Planets Make Good People

"Good" according to Jyotish Classics usually means "materially good". Like "the angles are good", why? Because they are fortifying of _the body_ and _material life_ in general.

But I have come to realize that in spiritually things are backwards from the material view. It is much easier to get lost in spirit when our material "call and attention distraction factor" is turned way down. To achieve "meditation" requires "desensitizing to the ever changing incoming flow of material allurements", which certainly include the struggle for survival, or "competition spirit".

Whenever I am more awake in the material side of life, I find the other side unfortunately gets ignored and my emotional self as a spiritual being becomes less apparent. I feel more like a fighter and active A1 type...not a nice feeling to me.

I find the feelings of Ketu, Saturn, Venus, even Rahu, and reflective, aware, or questioning Signs like Aquarius and Scorpio more comfortable.

It is through the touch of malefics that the human bound Soul becomes aware of the reactions to their actions. In human life, as we go through them, we engage in bad actions, then we experience the reactions to our actions. We may not know this is going on, as it spans multiple lives. We take birth in places to receive the reactions to our actions.

Did you ever notice that "welfare workers" are often "caring sensitive people". We all know that "it goes with the turf", for them to be like that. But actually, astrologically, the way it works is that these people are feeling the malefics in them lifelong, and thus they naturally find their way to a place and space that includes suffering, and working in terrible conditions, and all the things that are real to them, and where they feel most comfortable, or, if their Karma is such, then they end up in these places even though they don't want to be, i.e., the victims and various types of persons trapped in hellish lives.

So the malefics create contact with desperate conditions in some way or the other.

Mother Theresa had an awesome chart, full of power and beauty. Very regal. But she was always in touch with suffering quite closely. So, some are suffering, and some are helping the suffering from above, but both of these people contact the suffering.

I am a bit of a lush myself, a party animal of sorts, a bit too Venusian actually. Would I normally choose to suffer? No.

When my daughter got burned, I was eating dinner, dressed in a clean fresh silk dhoti, in a nice warm apartment in London, I was feeling very good, very "Venus". Suddenly my life got altered, forever, when she got burned.

I had to nurse her for years, and still do in a way. We constantly have to deal with her burns. It is an ongoing thing. For example, scar tissue is gnarly on the pours in the skin, causing severe blackheads that stay under the top layer. Sunburn is a big issue. Looks (she's a girl) are a big issue. They cover her breasts and misshape them a bit. She's a girl. This is an issue.

I have had to counsel and guide her lovingly in her "difference" throughout the years. I had to become "one with" a "disabled person" in order to be their parent. I did not choose this. It chose me. I have lived it, and learned from it, but it is still not something I would choose and I don't look forward to each episode, no, I do not. I would rather it all go away. But it won't.

I have learned a great deal from this. My daughter has too. She is obviously to everyone, a much deeper person than your average 16 year old. She is way more mature, as she has spent so much time convalescing with kids at Shriners hospital on numerous visits over the years, kids with really screwed up lives and bodies, my daughter is beautiful compared to these guys.

But my point is, "we're deep". Oh yeah, we're "the sensitive crowd". We know all about being broken and abandoned. We have lived it so to speak. You really become the part if you're forced to play it out. So what we've lived, _we've imbibed_. "Compassion are us" for certain types now, because we're one of them.

So That is the effect the bad Planets have in the long run. They give us the adjusted view. They deliver the "bad news" only when we're looking from the "good news" side of "material life".

Some of us have good news lives. I know a number of folks in their 40's or such who have lived their whole lives on inheritance (money from parents). They will never work. They have never worked. They own awesome properties, cars, travel, etc.

So for them, malefic Dashas are something perhaps to fear. For many it is not so much of a change. For some, it is the best time. It depends on Karmic perspective and overall chart. In a bad chart, the shutdown of a Saturn period may be a good thing, causing some much needed peace from all the bad happenings or some such...many people have reported "greater inner peace" after losing something...a limb, a loved one, a job, their money, etc., because sometimes loss causes such deep death in us, that we emerge reborn after recovering. We give up attachments, and we feel the weight loss on our shoulders greatly. That is one of the benefits of Ketu's effects for example.

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