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What do you believe in? Gods, Christ, Islam, etc.? Or nothing? What makes sense we are a group of Souls in school on a path on our way, evolving, the lessons are everything, temporary possessions only fodder of the lessons, keeping, greed, hoarding, only creates hard lessons for yourself for the future, while good acts even heroic ones, are completely sane and normal, greed insane, goodness sane, law of Karma called sin by Jesus, Islam etc., good people don't do hidden greed things, bad things, the deepest horror will come to those who hurt and cut off all others because of greed in their short life.

The fact that many Jews live in the United States and that many of our wealthy people are Jewish, doesn't make it my duty to protect or back Israel. I do not have to love, identify with, or back Israel as a nation. If they aggress upon neighbors, steal land, displace people around them, bully with wealth or weaponry, and then they have to deal with the bed they create. All that thinking of being superior, "God's chosen people", any time we identify as a separatist tribal group, we create strife. Change course. Likewise, basing your life upon the words on one man who said Angel Gabriel talked to him in a cave and told him to start an aggressive religion (Prophet Mohammed, founder of Islam), is folly, stupid. No wonder bad things get attracted to you. You keep thinking about war, pain, martyrdom, etc., it is not a healthy philosophy.

In this disjointed "don’t know your neighbor" type of society as we have in US, you have to totally take care of everything for yourself and by yourself as family is more and more shot and relatives are possibly distant, freeway and car has created separation more than ever, there is no "felt" village by most of us, having no village, we must set up retirement accounts, secure old age lodging, be able to pay for it, fear and worry about safety of savings, insurance policies, government programs, instead of just knowing that family and village will always take care of us.

God is the quality of pleasure you seek, in your addiction object. God is the ability you have to seek that. God is the intelligence, to turn away, and the hunger pangs you endure, and the pleasure you get, when they pass.

The greatest killer of any mental anguish, is to fully visualize the Eternal Spiritual Sky and Gods many Planets, all free from all anxiety, surrounding this material world bubble we're in on all sides infinitely.

You have to have these to do Hindu worship properly: Peacock feathers, Yak Tails, Sandalwood paste, Clay from the Dwaraka area, and so on. These things are INDIAN, and NOT i.e. found in Norway. But KRISHNA can be found in your heart, is EVERYWHERE. Devotion is not found in specific material objects. It is in your heart and then intelligence and then mind and then body.

So after removing local related dogma, but understanding the underlying truths, you can localize God Consciousness to your life easily. The truth is what matters, not the external matter particulars. This or that metal, or wood, or stone, or shape, or name, is not the essence. The essence is ultimately a feeling, which is so correct; it will direct the rest of you.

Action with desire means Maya and pain. Action with intent to sense and flow with the will of the Divine, felt to the center of your being, leads to complete liberation as soon as it is perfected, which takes many years of trying to perfect it. Right actions can only be known by knowledge, or sensing the will of other sentient beings. Ignoring both is how pain is created willingly.

Live in balance and as best you can. Those who zealously pursue religion for self are good. Those who zealously push it on others have desires. Desires are binding and painful. Only the lord’s will is pleasant and springtime like. Knowing him makes you quiet and content. There is no anxiety near him, so if you are speaking with him in your heart, guess how you feel?

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