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Effects of Extremes in Latitude
Effects of Extremes in Latitude

Re: far Northern and southern latitudes: The issue is that the Bhava chart becomes highly skewed, if unequal Bhavas are taken. This is because the plane of the birth, which cuts through the middle of the Earth, is at such a tilt from the plane the Zodiac and thus the equal Houses are on. So if one takes unequal Houses, then one gets a Bhava chart, which includes many Signs in certain Bhavas, especially the 4th and 10th, and Bhavas, which are within one Sign, especially around the 1st and 7th.

So I have thought about this dilemma and have come up with the following. This is my opinion based on my own introspections.

I think that the North half of the galactic, or the half of the Universe above the Zodiac belt, represents the energies of the Signs in a drawing way, thus more "gravity" from the stars is pulling there, keeping things afloat, and drawing the continents towards the North of the globe, and that in the Southern half it is pushing in. This is a subtle difference.

Then, because the 4th and 10th get more and more variegated Star energy pouring into them the further North you go, therefore the stresses get placed on survival and home. Because, the further North and South you go the more survival and home become difficult, and important.

At the equator, the tropical mood takes over, which is more balanced. One can more easily find food generally, as the tropics are more full of life, hence "more balanced", because the Signs are affecting the region more evenly in distribution within the Houses that affect the region. So there is balance.

As you go North and South, it gets colder, and more difficult terrain sets in gradually, making hunting more necessary, and making building strong shelters more necessary. This represents an increase in the 4th/10th energies in life, rise and security. Survival is rise, rise is survival. The 10th is prominence, position, rise, success, and survival in life in general.

In the tropics, there is more of a mood of cooperation and getting along, coexistence, since the natural elements are too strong to stop. In the tropics we more find animals and humans coexisting side by side, because the animal population, bug populations, are so strong and prominent. This supports the full cycle of the environment, and hence we have Rain forests there, like nowhere else. This is where life can live easily. You practically need no shelter, and food is everywhere, in all varieties, all types.

So the Rashi chart shows the relationship of the Planets to us by Sign, and hence is called the Rashi Chakra.

No matter where we are born on Earth at any moment, this will be the same, except for the Lagna, and Lunar Parallax corrections, which I personally subscribe to wholeheartedly.

But our relationship to the Earth, which is important, is skewed against our relationship with the Zodiac and thus the unequal Houses, when we are born further North and South.

This I think accounts for all the following phenomena:

1. That the peoples of the Northern European countries were the chief inventors of so many devices to make life "easier". And thus they were able to conquer the entire world easily with their inventions of travel, weaponry, etc.

2. That the equatorial region is known for being more balanced, more laid back, more into life, enjoying life, being human, being family, and so on.

3. That the North continues to be the place where invention takes place, hence Los Angeles is less known for technical stuff, which is further North in Silicon Valley, and Seattle. That Los Angeles is more associated with the pleasures of the flesh, which are after all, more natural.

4. Hence, when people are in their private spaces, they turn on things made in Los Angeles, which are generally all about sex, which is a more equatorial thing, as the 7th and 8th become reduced in prominence or amount of Sign energy pouring into them in other words, the further North and South you go.

5. People who live on the ice of the North and South poles must stay indoors and struggle for survival full time, which represents the intense amount of Sign energy pouring into those two Houses constantly.

6. That people on the equator don't have to focus on one part of life, because life is more easy there.

7. Once when I was 20, I stayed for a few weeks in a village on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. It was very primitive as we say, or rather, it was very advanced because it was completely natural there. We stayed in standard village issue mud huts, which were made out of sticks and mud, and had palm roofs. We were visited by large snakes and lizards inside our "homes" on a regular basis. These "dinosaurs" walked around freely like members of the village, which of course in fact, they were. There was no need of glass, or windows, heaters, air conditioners, or convenience stores. We ate what they grew there on their little farms, and what grew naturally. Like what grows naturally is a lot, tons of fruits, tons of berries, coconuts, sugarcane, beans, etc. The food was simple and austere, but completely organic, natural, macrobiotic, wholesome, and the Houses, the food, the people, the animals, are also all organic, natural, entities, which come and go from the Earth beneath their feat in repeating cycles as they have for however long. This kind of balance is appreciable on many levels. It is not POSSIBLE anywhere but along the equatorial tropical belt. It is CERTAINLY NOT possible in places like England, Scotland, Russia, Germany, etc. The weather is too extreme. That simple fact rules it out and creates meat eating cultures more out of necessity than choice. And where there is such struggle against nature, and violence a necessity, the heart hardens, and malefic devices are invented, and deviant natures begin to flourish. This is why Kali Yuga is basically run from the Northern Countries instead of the equatorial countries. Previously, "goodness" kept the North from developing. Now, with "goodness" not so present, the North developed in a very obnoxious way, and now we face so many problems worldwide all based on killing (reminder, environmental pollution is simply a form of negligent homicide of other species of plants and animals, and nothing more or less).

So in conclusion, it is my opinion that the Unequal Bhava Charts should be applied verbatim in the North and South as well, thus giving leeway by way of my opinion to simply trusting Shripati, the disciple of Parashara, with his "Shripati Bhava", or as so is ascribed to his name.

I think the extremities one then sees in terms of amount of Sign energy pouring into the 4th and 10th axis can be taken as the stress laid upon them at birth for these affairs. This means in past times, they were born to Eskimos say, and had hard lives of struggle, or to the old tribes of the far Northern European areas, who were known for being intense folks.

These days, it means you're born generally to a white family in Northern Europe, the most populated far Northern region on Earth I think. So one begins life in struggle for home and survival. Russia for example, is very "third world" for a "white country". And it is the greatest Northern Land Mass "White Country" there is.

Even the rich people of the far Northern countries are born into great stress. In Zurich, for example, although Switzerland is thought of as "Rich", most people there are in fact not very rich at all. There is great class division. Most people live in apartments, in very crowded cities. Now there are tons of refuges there from Yugoslavia, from Bosnia, from Turkey, all over. It is a very stressed out feeling, very few people own cars or Houses. So there is great stress put on them from early on to struggle hard to survive. Education becomes very important, qualifications and the moves you make in your education and career path become very important. Basically, life is turned over to this. This is why Northern Cultures are so rigid feeling. They are stressed and uptight about survival basically.

Now India is nearer to the equator and of course some of what I said above about the North applies there greatly, i.e., the struggle for survival. But, notice that although they are often "poor" there, they still have time to sit with friends in shops and chat. Indians still go home and have a meal generally. The "culture" is more rounded, despite the stresses. This is a fact. I've been there a lot, so I know. They cannot get away from the wholeness of life as easily as we do here in the North. I think this supports my theory.

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