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Compatibility Notes
Compatibility Notes

I would like to say that Jyotish is very good, but the Kuta Compatibility system found in Jyotish is based only on the Moon, and not even it is House, but rather just it is Sign and Star, comrade against the other person's Moon Sign and Moon Star.

That is nice, but not enough.

That explains the possibility of being "wrong" for couples.

Some couple may have good Moon compatibility, but bad Ascendants and Suns, for example.

True Jyotish compatibility must be done with the larger picture. But if you're in ancient India and dealing with people who know only where the Moon was when they were born, and do not know the date or time of their birth, nor even the city necessarily, then it is a fine thing to do, since it uses all the possible known info.

But nowadays, since we know entire charts accurately, we are behooved to do a larger analysis.

My spouse and I have very high Moon compatibility, but my Lagna is 12th to hers, since I'm Aries rising and she's Taurus rising. This "DwirdwaDashamsha" Lagna (that means 2/12 relationship) is NOT good for compatibility overall. Furthermore, her Saturn is on my Moon, and other things....

So, there are problems between our charts that are serious problems. If we just looked at the Moon compatibility, since it is in the 80's range, things would look rosy. In fact, we have had serious problems that took years of work and growth (read: There was a lot of fighting).

Many astrologers currently use both systems simultaneously. I do not. I have never learned Western Jyotish. I think the Zodiac is incorrect, personally. But, then, I've never tasted it really, I'll give you that.

Dealing with the Change of Zodiac

In my Western Chart, there is Taurus rising with Sun, Venus and Mercury. People look at that and tell me, "Oh wow, you're Mega Taurus". They see my looks and find it confirmed because something like "I look good or opulent?"

However, I do not act like Taurus Lagna as much as Aries, and in my Vedic chart there are other explanations for the ways and whys of me. I often find that whatever one is "attached to" in their Western chart, that syndrome or construct is found in some other way in their Vedic chart.

Besides, the Planets in Houses for the most part do not change, still have Jupiter/Saturn conjunct in the ninth in both for example, Mars in the 12th in both, so this sameness of Planets in Houses, which is one of the most important points in both systems, is "correct" generally in both, and so this accounts for why there is some accuracy in Western Jyotish.

However, for really accurate predictive and more accurate personality reading, I have found Vedic to excel. I have never heard Western Astrologers being as accurate in either personality or predictive purposes as Jyotishis can be or generally are. I think it is clear, which one is superior.

What makes an astrologer in a chart

We can understand things going from the outside towards the inside.

Outwardly we know a real astrologer must be able to actually understand and perceive the sweeping effects of nearly invisible complex systems of universal controls, which they perceive both scientifically as planetary orbits, and spiritually as the unfoldment of divine will.

On top of having a thus demonstrated powerfully complex and energized mind, this person must also have strong courage because Jyotish will take you to the land of death, rebirth, spiritual meaningfulness, embarrassing and revealing realizations about the often pathetic state of many Souls, and other nerve jolting experiential realms, mostly mentally based.

"Wide perception and nerves of steal". Guts actually.

So often we will find that persons who are top notch in this field and it is allied fields may have one intense Planet combined with enough Mars to mobilize them into action. One thing is for sure, you cannot do anything in life without energy to do it. Jyotish takes nerve mind energy in large gulps and swallows.

The one intense Planet thing means that the Panch Mahapurus Yogas principle is always point one. Anyone with one really well placed Planet could be involved with Jyotish in the sense that it could give the energy required in one of Jyotish's areas of life such as intuition, awareness, psychology, event prediction, the counselor, and so on. Each of these require the presence of one strong Planet to cause or activate them fully into a significant state of existence in reality. In other words, you cannot find a seer who has no good placements. They would not be a seer if that were true. You will find the "seeing" placement, and it shall be strong.

About Mercury: Mercury is the swiftness of the message. This is the primeval nature of this Planet. It is not a settled character. It is young, active, and most of all very able to carry information regardless of content, from one place to another, negotiate the connections to be made at all ports, construct all bridges, gather all documents and publish all reports. Non-committed in terms of content, but very committed in terms of handling and transmission.

So an astrologers Mercury should be not under the influence of Saturn in the sense that Saturn will slow down the speed of the transmitted messages in the intellect, thus making study harder, communications slower, and all matters of thought more difficult. This is one idea. So sometimes it is expressed that having Mercury in the 6th from Saturn in the chart is good in the sense that this is where Saturn has the least aspectual strength, thus is at it is lowest point of control over Mercury, thus lowest ability to impede the swiftness of all Mercurial matters.

Furthermore, Mercury should have high Ashtaka Varga bindus, such as 4 or more. And of course higher shad balas and other strength systems are desirable.

The thing about Mercury in the fourth from Lagna or Moon derives from the concept that the King is the 10th House and his ministers the 4th House, and thus Mercury in the 4th somewhat leans towards saying that the native is intelligent enough to have their intelligence used here in this way, in advising to the King.

Astrologers used to always work for the kings and had these kinds of placements. Actually, this nowadays represents serving the people in general, but usually the "paying powerful". What it really indicates to me is simply that one will tend to use their intelligence being an important under worker especially in areas of information and communications or dialogs of some sort, but under to something rather established and strong, usually.

It also indicates that "knowledge is dear" as "Mercury in 4th" naturally speaks this signification. That is of course good since astrology is a science so fundamental that it is practically dispersed by corollary study to every nook and cranny of the possible mental world. Whoa. It is big.

So, That is some of the Mercury stuff. But That is not the whole picture by any means really.

Someone could get into astrology because they have a big teaching Jupiter.

Someone could get into astrology because their Ketu forces psychic perception onto them.

Someone could get into astrology because their Saturn is so strong that for them astrology becomes an amusing lovely black toy of absolute proof of the blackness of the material lie. Whoa.

Rahu can easily take one into astrology since His is the world of the enchanting, the magical, the Maya , the trick, the cheat, the surprise, the gamble, the smoke and mirrors, the mysterious, strange and uncontrollable, all of, which things are felt at times by the clients, the astrologers, the onlookers of Jyotish. Is this mystical menagerie of numbers, charts, wheels and lists of points from a foreign place a super seeing science? Rahu, Rahu. Rahu makes one extremely sensitive, as if walking in a war zone lifelong, like walking in a foreign open marketplace where nobody speaks your language, but everything is beautiful, but anything terrible could happen at any moment. Sensitized, Rahu can take one beyond astrology to ultra sensitivity, or insanity, when it is placed in a very intense way in a chart.

Certain Nakshatras and Gods are associated more strongly with Jyotish and where their significations appear strongly in a chart and supported else wise then we can see their effect.

For example, the Satabhish Nakshatra is said to be one, which is promoting of the astrology line, along with it is other research oriented significations.

My practical experience with many astrologers’ charts is that many have Mercury in the 4th, which is common, either from Lagna or Moon.

I find that sensitive, caring and spiritual people, and folks committed to foreign cultures such as those who implement Vedic ways in the West actively and take all the hardship associated with that willingly, these kinds of good hearted people are often nodal influenced. Either Moon or Lagna or these Lords or a group of Planets, something in their chart, which is significant and telling, is nodal conjoined.

The nodes give exoticness and foreignness, deep and mysterious, awesome and attractive. The nodes are the belly dancers of the Planets so to speak. Nobody can not look, it is too exotic and sexual to not look. This effect the nodes give. If a person is currently involved with Jyotish in the West, they may be of this type as you do have to be somewhat of a Merlin or Gypsy outcaste type to pull it off since really, most people will think you're into something totally dumb and useless. It is alienating. You have to have a deeper reason for your belief, and you do, and that is some nodal thing in your chart. Some connection to the foreign.

Naturally early Aries with the placement of the Ashvini Nakshatra is a good place to have something significant since these brothers are very much supportive of investigations into the Vedic allied sciences.

The "voodoo" placements are supportive of Jyotish, such as Debilitated Moons, or 8th House placements, Scorpionic placements, and so on.

There must be somehow light, enough light for the brain to function, the person cannot be a dufus. Remember, air Signs help to bring brilliance to the mind (Moon and Mercury placements in Air Signs) because they raise it up high in the air where it can see, receive messages, floating above the material impediments, speak down on everything else, get a clear signal, travel quickly or swiftly. Ahh.....

Ketu and Rahu are like big antennas too however, and can provide an "upline" to God even from a deep cave. Get that? There's your telephone line out if you're buried deep. They are always anti the Gods, ready to do something really intense to the established order of the Signs and Planets. They're armed and dangerous, as are the less effective but highly malefic outer Planets three.

So enough light. Let the light shine. We need some serious Golden or Greenish or whatever color the Mercury and Moon are shining within, light shining on the workbench of the natives inner mind space for them to read the Journals of Jyotish is required. My light is a little blue with Moon in Kumb.

But there must be some acceptance of external control. Solar and radiant people, with no dark side, no afflictions, and not nodal, they are not going to be under anything. They are carefree and materialistically simple minded people, whether powerful or not, rich or poor, those without faith in any higher controls and no interest in same could never love astrology.

So there has to be some respect in the chart seen for religion, for higher orders, the 9th House, the Jupiter, the 1st /9 connections, or similar stuff. Sometimes however this is replaced with what apparently is a replacement for this purpose, and that is namely 8th House affected matters, since this Lord has the capability to "freak and compel" people into interest in the occult. Their relationship is more one generated by ghastliness, hence they can go very deep, and be very nice about it, but at the same time sometimes seem almost resigned to it all, which can scare others who are not so interested in the deep dark depths.

Jupiter in the second causes one to speak with authority and tends towards, if he's otherwise allowed by the chart, speaking about religious matters, and matters of higher wisdom, guidance, and truth. He's noble. Then there are various lordship placements that are favorable and unfavorable for this pursuit.

In this way, everything combines and in all subsystems of the science there are placements better for a thing and those worse for a given matter in life like Jyotish. It is a matter of seeing how many stack up.

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