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If you study Etymology of European languages – that means study the roots of the words – you will learn about what is known as the Indo-European language stock. You will find that Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali – the languages of India – are very much related to Gaelic, which was the language of Europe and is now still the language of the western fringe edges in Europe – the Gael, tic parts of Ireland and Scotland where Gaelic is still spoken. You'll find so many words there that are similar exactly, directly related to Sanskrit and the languages of India! That is a fact. I'm not speaking some spiritual babble here. I'm talking linguistic, etymological dictionaries you can look up on the web. Look up online etymology. Study it. Study key words and you'll see directly that the words in English, Gaelic, German, French, Latin, Italian, and Spanish are tied to Sanskrit, Bengali, Hindi and all to each other. Because they all come from what linguists or etymologists call PIE, Proto-Indo-European. A language that is theoretical but is real. There is an obvious original source – oneness, linkage between the speaking of all the people on the entire Euro-Middle Asian, Asian, and South East Asian continent.

Don't think, my dear white friends, that Arabic is very far away. It is not! Neither is India. They may have different looking alphabets, but the words are the same, ultimately. And I've been to these places – the people are the same. They may look different, they may have different cultures, but what's in their hearts and minds, and what their needs are, their struggles – are identical, just variegated because over time we were separated by mountains, rivers, streams, continents and our cultures developed in different patterns and ways and we became different, differentiated peoples with different cultures and languages – but you can still trace the roots. It is amazing that in Ireland and in ancient buildings that are many thousands of years old you see things that relate directly to concepts and symbols and words that you find in the ancient buildings of India. I know these things directly; I study them all the time. I know the symbols, the words, everything. It is amazing.

Like even "boo" for cow in Ireland and India is one example. Our word "bovine" comes from this. In India they have this word boo, boo-me. Even calling the Earth boo, same with the Gaels in ancient Ireland – the Earth is a cow, mother Earth, the cow.

So we are all very related. We are all very similar. We have to underline that; find the common ground. Don't let cultures scare you. People are the same. We're not enemies; we're friends. We're brothers and sisters; we're all one. We come from a common source. We're going to the same place. We live the same lives. Our DNA is so similar. We have the same problems. We're sharing the same air. If one of us makes a huge mistake with a nuclear power plant we all suffer. We're much related. That is the truth. That is what should be emphasized and underlined. The brotherhood of man.


To achieve our shared desire we should make it so that we all win, for if we do otherwise, havoc will set in, wars, etc. The news proves this. It is an excellent time to actually follow the way we really are. We all want it such those we:

Do not kill

Treat everyone as if self

Sow what you want to reap

Many of us are serious about understanding as best we can what we are. Over time many conclusions about what we are and how to live life best have been found by scholars, yogis, gurus, teachers, researchers, scientists, obsessive compulsive people, inventors, you, me. Some essential spiritual keys are well known to every living thing. Deep inside we all know that we are all a family, the family of Souls.

There are laws about dealing with Souls. It is time to take to them. For your sake, for your happiness, and for all others, it is an idea, which is perfect, while really, no other idea is, and That is the way it is. I can say that because the spiritual pursuit is much more fundamental to being alive than what nation we live in, which gender, what race, what career, what outlook on life, what style... it is about you the living thing. The spiritual truth is that we, all living beings, are very much linked, we are a family of Souls, and it will be much nicer when we all arrive at that level of understanding. When you realize that all matter and spirit is linked, you will begin to enjoy power you never thought you had, and, you will want to be a positive contributing Soul in the collective as opposed to being a part of the anchor that holds us back in ignorance. We do not know for certain the answer to the mysteries. No religion, no guru, teacher or pope, knows for certain. We have inference, and physics, our feelings and thoughts. Much has become learned and confirmed over time. We are still discovering more.

You are an eternal Soul in a body made of matter. Matter is also spiritual, everything is, but matter takes form around Soul. Soul is conscious, you are conscious, you are also eternal. You are currently learning by experiencing, evolving over time.

This place is in motion, it is a huge mass that is in motion, and it was as if thrown, because it is flying and spreading. The “stuff” in this space, the galaxies and gaseous blasts and Suns and such, are all flying apart and moving through the space, and spinning, burning, etc. It is quite a festival of various material activities we call Universes, galaxies, stars, gas, etc.

On one of the small specks of dirt flying through this space is us, the human species, accompanied by a huge array of other species from microbes to animals and plants. And its obvious life evolves and constantly seeks to improve its situation as best it is allowed to given the body and mind the life is occupying. For some reason, things exist here, which the conscious beings here do not want like: disease, war, death, old age, pain, sorrow, loss, suffering, loneliness, etc. We don’t want these things. We would rather they be gone. We try to eliminate them. That is actually the way life is. We're running from the dark side here.

On the other hand we want ease, pleasure, less work. So, we invent things to make life easier, and less work. We strive to constantly upgrade our existence. The fact that the Souls seek pleasure and avoid suffering gives you a clue as to their true nature. The spiritual world is all about no suffering, all joy. And that is theoretically possible now, though it is somewhat difficult because the collective consciousness on Earth up till now has been too much animal and not enough spirit.

When you have the company of others who are conscious, then it is easier. So the more people become conscious, the faster the rest become, and the easier it get’s for everyone, both exponentially increase. Imagine a world without the need for war machine at all. Imagine that? Imagine a world without laziness, lethargy, depression, bummed out, overhung, fat, boring, etc. There are so many things born of the lack of spiritual understanding in our current world. There is so much pain being caused by all this ignorance.


By higher thought, you can overcome the animal pulling or instincts. The Soul has to lift off from being utterly attached to the things of this world. Since you die, you should know that nobody ever gets to keep their life, period, nobody. So you don’t either. So, why be so attached? It is healthy to keep this in mind for doing so corrects and balances delusional thinking about ourselves and our lives here.

The divine will is that this place be capable of providing a strong illusory existence so that baby Souls will be deluded by the show, believe they are these bodies, and thus learn many lessons in their many fumbling through lust, greed, and the social consequences. Gradually, they all learn. When they get far enough along, they get to hear this philosophy and meet up with astrology, or a saintly person or group. Once that happens, and spiritual truths are studied, the person really begins to become conscious, and starts acting like a Soul rather than a human animal.

These understandings, astrology, the saintly, are portals through the illusion. They let us see the truth. The truth was also recorded in the Vedanta scriptures from India, but too few in the West care to understand them. Life can go to a point of bliss. We can be both in bodies and be happy and carefree. We don’t have to war, we don’t have to have death. We are above these things. We Souls are capable of being in Soul bodies alone, with no matter, in a Soul world with no end, no suffering, and so on.

How is that possible? When we all are of one mind, we become conscious. To be conscious means to see what is. When your eyes are open, you see the spiritual truth. When your eyes are open, when you are conscious, you are friends with everything that is, you accept the now, the now is fine, you have no complaints whatsoever. You accept death, you accept disease, you accept everything, and you’re afraid of nothing. Because, you have such a big vision of life, this stage doesn’t rock your boat; your mind is bigger than just this stage. You need to see life as big as it is. You have a mind for this purpose. The part of the human mind not being used is for this purpose. It is for remembering and being in listening mode to the whole. You are currently only thinking of your own life. Now you need to start thinking of all lives.

As you go through your day, you must see the Universe, and the Earth, and all people on the Earth, at least a few times a day in your mind briefly, and see them toiling for less than 100 years, and tons of them being born and dying all the time, and you are one of those ants. See this, everyday, in your mind, for it is simply true. It will adjust you.

Then see how futile it is to bash on your fellow Souls in this short life to get a more comfy chair for the ride for yourself at their expense, when they are sitting all around you, and you and them are all in the exact same kind of difficult short scary ride called life on Earth. It is actually quite stupid to fight amongst ourselves when we have so many common goals, aims, needs and such, and we have feelings, and we don’t remain here. The whole picture points towards we actually live somewhere else, in a more permanent way, or we move on, but no matter, which or what, being abusive and selfish in the current short miserable place we share here together is really seriously stupid, abusive, ugly, and worthy of reprimand by all around you. Instead, we should all be cooperating, helping, helping out, serving, making sure, and taking care, of each other always.

People cannot see X-rays’, infrared, gravity, air, the end of space, nor do they know exactly how they are moving their hand when they move it... our senses and minds are limited. We should not think we know everything. Believing only in our local environment and our own sense alone, we become attached to satisfying them repeatedly and always. Eating, sex, watching TV, computer stuff, etc. All these things are sensory activities. Over time cultures have developed, and we are attached to those things as well. We are attached mainly to pleasure and happiness. We avoid the pains. Yet this common fungus known as attachment has serious health issues for our Souls.

It is the attached mankind who invented so much. It is the attached mankind who keeps old dead people alive in hospitals at huge expense to the people who do not do those things, and those who benefit, who are paid of those big sums, are the hospitals, doctors, other personnel, laboratories, scientists, big firms, etc. The people, who make the machine, benefit from the machine, of charging you to keep your dead parent alive for a few more weeks while they wheeze and cough and lay in pain being artificially kept alive.

It is the attached man who makes greedy plans, which always invariably include the exploitation of his fellow man, thus that one animal spreads the vibration and way of greed here, and that selfishness harms, which creates harm in return, class struggles for example.

It is the attached man who cares so much for his leisure time that he has not time to learn fully about his fellow man’s culture to the point of admiration, and true appreciation. Instead he watches false things on television.

No longer be the attached person. For it is stupid. It is time for humanity to move on. We are ready. The leaders are present amongst us now. They are here, now. The time is now. You do live in that special time, because that special time, that big event, happens to be happening right now, around you. You are spirit. If you wish, if you are ready, you can enter into permanent spiritual happiness because it is always available all around you all the time and everywhere. To see it, to feel it, to get its nourishment, you must simply remember: We are talking about nourishing the eternal you, you the Soul, the real you. Its prospects are so perfect, that it is joyous always. Even if you are freezing to death, bleeding on a battlefield, still! Yes, the thing to do is totally change one part of your head. Totally switch your view angle, see the whole, the big, the long term. This is real but oh so temporary, and it passes, we move on. When you move in sync with life in this way, you enjoy more. The intelligence born of divine consciousness is superior, and broad. Be a Soul who is happy because he’s eternal, be that now, in your body. Be overwhelmed with joy and wonder like a child in joy and play. Not falsely, but actually think in this way, allow yourself to transcend. Adults have become so dark and joyless in the normal world. That is wrong, a change of mind can fix it, take spiritual joy now. Do not fear death. Stupid. Death is nothing. Ahh, life is everything, for life is conscious, joyful, comes back, anew!

Death is the servant of the school children, their school years ended by. He cleans up after them, handles the transfer up to the next lesson. Such a boring subject, like talking about how elevators work. Feared by us only when we do not think enough about it. Leave it in the dark shadow, it remains a fearful myth. Expose him with the flashlight of truth, and you see he’s a machine. We were afraid of a machine that serves us ! How stupid. Fearing death is like fearing “The Ticking Square Monster Plant”, and later finding out it is a wood shack with an electric water pump inside, covered with a couple years of ivy. Death is not important, it just is a thing we have to go through, like going to the dentist, or being born, or having an operation, or giving birth. But, what is all important is that you enjoy yourself in the life while you live. If you are honest, That is what you are always after. Some kind of pleasure. Even if it is the pleasure of saving the world, or feeding starving children, you seek to satisfy an urge always, and in fact, when allowed to, all beings always choose pleasure. To have pleasure, for a very long time, you have to learn to move in the world in, which you are going to enjoy. Whoa, there’s other beings here, so, going to have to learn how to coexist with others, lots of ‘em, doing exactly what you’re doing. And, most of them are attached, so they will defend, and they help each other defend. So, if you try hurting one, or eliminating one, you will find that the rest will attack you. There is an unspoken creed quite commonly: If you kill, you will be hunted, jailed, and maybe killed. So a smart person naturally thinks whoa, I think I’ll pass on killing, because I want to live, and not in prison.

So here we have the very practical reason why we should not kill. Now extend it to everything...would you want someone to be greedy and imprison your cities citizens within a factory each day of their lives nearly, so one family can be rich and the rest poor? Then don't you do it to anybody either, and don't buy stocks in them, etc. Instead, empower that city, with an employee owned factory! Then it becomes THEIR workshop. That is much nicer to go to than some rich man’s sweatshop. Do you want people to rain bombs on your city? No? Then don’t do it to them. Come to think of it, refuse to make bombs. Refuse to work for any kind of weapons company.

Now, if a war happens around you, and you get caught up in it, and you just remain transcendental, that is called doing the best you can do given the situation around you. You might be forced to make bullets. Oh well. I’m talking about the mood of your insides, and your aspirations, when I say refuse. And if we all take to it, we can make that a MATERIAL reality. If we do not ALL take to it, the presence of JUST ONE army on Earth, if it goes on the move at all, will end up creating a chain reaction of armies being created all over the Earth. We could not be dumber. But that is what we have right now. Our own most dumb.

So let’s clean it up. By spiritual surrender. Surrender to the truth, and really begin to enjoy. All your taxes going to positive things! No, besides all this lofty save the world stuff, there is tremendous personal gain when you give yourself the gift of letting go of being stupid. It is stupid to eat things, which are poisonous or do not nourish the body yet burn up fuel by having to be transported through the digestion, while giving off fat and poisons. Yet this is going on daily everywhere were people are not enlightened about food. It is stupid to not realize the truth about your material body and its death. It is stupid to use your short life to build things here, be fat and unhealthy and in pain, but wealthy in dollars, and dying while still working...

Do you do these things?

Do you eat junk food, or wrong foods, and are you fat or unhealthy even though still young?

Are you wasting your life chasing dollars always?

It is at least as important to be sure your are heading in the right direction, as it is to make sure you are moving fast enough to get there in time.

I suggest a map check. A serious sit down and figure it out life map check where you take into account all time before you and after you, at least conceptually, and think about if you are just a protein bar destined for total blackout at death, or if you are more than that. I suggest you really think about this for awhile. What DO you believe about life? I mean for real. Forget pleasing me or anyone. What DO YOU think is the truth, and if you have questions, how about figuring them out?

You see, if we don’t base our lives on something, then it gets dangerous, because some people, running under freewheeling understanding or lack of any understanding is more like it, do harmful hurtful things to others if allowed to do so. So we then have to protect ourselves. As soon as you invent the weapons for that purpose, those others eventually change in response and the fight never ends. Warriors know this.

The way to make joy is to change our hearts. If we guide from within, we will not need guidance from without. If everyone self directs properly, there will be no need for police or guns. For this to take place there must be moral education in culture from birth. Some will appear amongst us unwilling to be good players. We will need jails, or to get rid of them. Jails? Apprehension of criminals? Guns will get invented. Once you put one problem case into the perfection it won’t remain.

Hence the need for a place for all problem cases to reside while they work out their selfishness and learn to be good again, a Soul prison, That is this place. So sayeth some Hindu sects. I prefer being raised, but either way, the fact is, here, there is always going to be another battlefield, because here, there is not perfection amongst the hearts of ALL Souls. Many want peace, but some do not. They cause all others to arm, which causes all kinds of things to start up, and in the end, there is bloodshed, horrors, great pains, agony, distress. Leaving this world and gaining liberation to an eternal world of pleasure is a nice prospect, if it were true.

Let me put it this way: Would you like to go on a permanent vacation to a really nice place, and be with really great people, and enjoy like crazy with them, in harmony, doing whatever you want, forever...and ever. Or how about the power to decide on types of places you want to stay at and for how long within that, yes, there are multiple worlds there with varying personalities as Planets, and everyone is flying everywhere freely and enjoying traveling, sightseeing, sex, food, everything, as greatly empowered angelic beings! Wow. That is a great vacation package! Is it possible? Is that even rational? Would a “rational” person have read this far? Personally, my ducklings, I think people who have no interest or faith in anything divine, are stupid, no matter if they are professors at a big U. So what? If they cannot see the magic in life, and if they are ok with it ending point blank at death and having no origin worthy of their awe and respect or even caring to speculate about it, but acting as if they don’t have time for such trivial matters as this, then my dears, I call those people stupid. But I love them, for they are my brothers and sisters, only buying the ignorance and learning the lessons and still kind of sleepy and groggy. They’ll wake up, and then we’ll see their bright selves. It is not ours to force or choose that time. That is with the divine.


Conscious means: I am aware of myself, all others, the Earth, the Universe, and I honor and respect natural laws in order to enjoy more, for in cooperation with nature you get more from her than by opposing her on her own turf.

Sow what you wish to reap, and the Earth grows it for you. Isn’t that nice of the Earth? Sow into your fellow human what you wish to reap back. Give and they will give. Compliment, and so shall they. Treat others, as you would like. Simple and spiritual.

When one becomes fixed and realized in this consciousness, they no longer fear death, for they have carefully evaluated it out of the category of things to fear. It is like a caterpillar changing to a butterfly. It is good, a transformation, that is good, you get to move on and up. Notice how sometimes greedy people are caught and put in jail? That is how it is here. We are “not right” and we are stuck in matter. When we are “right” either we will change this place, or we will literally change into some other form. Either we go somewhere great, or we make this place great. Or something! But we know that we can go higher and higher, and life gets better and better when you do. If one attacks, the other will defend. That is the law of the jungle. When religions use force, nothing good comes of it. The truth is that the tool of Spirit is not a weapon but rather of recognizing other living things as equal to self. That alone, is the way in, which spirit spreads.

Spirit doesn’t fight. Only enemies fight. Spirit is one. There are no enemies. Pacifism is one result of spiritual absorption. Only those who leave the animal can be peaceful even under threat. Only they can stop the cycle of violence after violence. Be one.

At times in history, truly spiritual people showed how powerful pacifism and self sacrifice can be at causing awareness and change. It is not expected in this world. It is not animal, so it is not “normal”, but it is “moral”. The story of humanity ends well, or starts over well, when we all become pacifists, together, simultaneously. Total decommission of all weapons. Total acceptance of brotherhood of all Souls. Imagine that! Imaginably Cells. They are the cells in a caterpillar that start to turn into a butterfly. The caterpillar’s immune system fights them, but they take over. The caterpillar dies, and the butterfly comes out of it. Feeling the transformation coming on, the caterpillar wraps himself up in a nice little tight place, so he can transform, and then he does it. Then he comes out totally beautiful and able to fly.

In The New Understanding you work on knowledge, not fear, and where knowledge is missing, you admit it. Fear is generally useless. It is an animal instinct that is based on the presence of a negative inimical entity, thing, thought, etc. The truth however is that there is nothing to fear. Nothing at all. Period.

We are Souls, we are bound for wonderfulness; everything is meant to take us there; Everything is favorable for our journey towards better, towards more light, towards spirit, the divine. This is the mindset of sainthood and it is meant for all. Be a saint. Everyone. Think, be conscious.

So, you find yourself, like I do (so now I'm speaking to both of us), we find ourselves in these material bodies, in this material world, living. Years passing, our lives are passing. We have so many little things to deal with, so many little things to do, to procure a living and to go on living and to keep our health, to somehow keep things together and hopefully acquire all our dreams, etc. Or perhaps if you're from another place, not America, you know it might be that the aim of your life is to pray a lot and be very spiritual. Whatever your situation may be, we do all face some similar things like the struggle for existence, and impending death, and the current situation on Earth, which surrounds all of us, the environmental situation, situations between countries, the ongoing reality of war on Earth. Things like famine, drought, genocide, and all kinds of issues. And we face all these together. And our own personal lives are full of little torments like the onset of diseases or increasing old age and the approaching of death. Things that could give us anxiety. So it is in facing all these things that we are called to spiritual consciousness.

The mind, which is how our life as Souls shows up in the material world, our mind is where we live most of the time with our consciousness. We are in our thoughts, in our heads. Our heart is pumping, our lungs are breathing, everything is working, and we are experiencing life in our minds looking out through our eyeballs. Or, with our eyes closed we are thinking inside our heads. What am I? Who am I? What's going on? What do I have to do? All these things. When we think correctly and use our best intelligence, our best intuition, and inference capability, it is then that we can guide our minds best. And that is what we should do. We should endeavor to learn what the overriding spiritual truth of life is, and with that knowledge guide our mind, control our mind, and thus think in a happy way. And what is that way? It is as Souls. There is no better explanation for life than the one, which says you are an eternal Soul reincarnating thru many lifetimes, that there is a plan from the higher source that is guiding things.

The consciousness is different from matter in that it feels like an individual sentient being. It does this through the body. It animates the body with its oneness of self. The body functions as an individual because of the oneness of self that created the body around itself. The exact natural situation was set, and the exact sperm and egg combine and out comes the exact person who should be of those two parents, and this life is exactly their next lesson set, and it begins and ends and accomplishes some lesson goals.

The group consciousness is rising, with time, through history, more and more is being known to all over time, and children are born into more advanced ages perpetually therefore. It is a river moving forward, the human developing shared Soul as the individuals too further themselves life after life.

Everything is fully interconnected, but only sensitive and very aware people can see that. Most can only see the diversity of form. It takes a certain type of Karma, formed into a certain type of brain function, to think widely and see the really big pictures. The really big picture is that all is related, all manifestation intertwined in exact laws like the law of balance, action, reaction, gravity, etc.

There is constant change. Change is the constant. Because of the constant of change, nothing but change is constant, and all things not change are therefore not constant, because of change.

That is very disheartening to the attached mind.

If you are attached, i.e., have a strong desire about anything, then you are hoping it will happen, that is the nature of desire. However, we do not get all desires fulfilled right when we want them. So, there is frustration. How much? Plenty actually. Enough to where a certain number of people kill themselves because life is so frustrating, even painful or horrible, terrible. So we are pushed to have needs, because we are caged in meat bodies, which have needs, so we are pushed to action, if we want to live, and actions create interactions, which have led to strife greatly over all of history, and much suffering, slaughter, pain and horror. So, living has led to pain and horror. Is this right? Are we created to automatically end up fighting and suffering? Is it necessary for life for this endless cycle of suffering to go on and on? Animals automatically act upon the rule of the jungle, or survival of the fittest, and they eat meat, and when we act like them, we make weapons and wars, and devour our enemies, or their lands and fortunes, we control them and tax them, etc. Thus suffering and enmity exist endlessly and still today the world over.

We are acting like animals, plain and simple. Well then what does it mean to act NOT like animals? What if anything makes a human different, and is there potential there for something better than animal life? Yes, I believe so. I think it is a logical conclusion as follows:

Humans have the unique ability to think, contemplate, make choices, build complex creations, manage things, create laws, share knowledge, agree, share, in other words, act on laws, which are above the law of the jungle, to decide to change things, and then go about doing that.

Humans have, for example, the ability to decide to be vegetarian, and then the ability to make that true, to follow through. I myself have done this for 30 years now.

Humans collectively, could, as a species, decide to stop eating meat, and they could change their entire civilizations to be free from animal slaughter altogether. That is possible, and we could do it. It is possible. It would take deciding, and I realize that is huge, you could say "impossible", but that is speaking pragmatically, I'm speaking in theory.

Is theory any good? Yes, because of the fact that trends do begin with a few who are strong and have vision. Then over time, their ways spread, and as others grow used to the idea, they take it up, and over time, new drastically different cultural norms can take over the old.

So in theory, humans should become fully peaceful, give up all ties to old designations that carry the continuation of wars and struggles, bond together as one for the sake of all on the Planet, cool it on procreation as we're at a high already, arrange for the survival of all, the education of all, etc., we could do so much, if we wanted to, if we stopped warring and started piecing it all together.

If you don't think about the muscle and bones inside, and you just look at the apparent outside of a pretty young man or woman, the whole person may look very attractive, as the young often do. Sexy young woman are the icons of advertising for this reason.

Everyone feels attracted to sex, especially when young, this is very natural. But where is that nature coming from? Why are we eagerly agreeing to Sign up for continuing the meat body prison? It is exactly as if a supernatural force of nature compels us towards attraction, and then action based on that, creating young babies automatically, then we take it seriously to provide for and raise them so they can do the exact same thing...the system is self perpetuating mainly through this attraction men have for woman, and woman respond in kind for biological, pleasure, and often economic reasons, etc. So the cycle continues biologically and culturally, since time began, and seemingly without ending ever unless forced to by calamity of galactic proportions.

Every living creature tries to reproduce itself pretty much, is driven to do so mostly, and also though every living being that can run from death does try to when confronted with it (picture a rabbit running from a fox for example).

Nobody wants to be food, yet beasts eat each other. Humans do not want to be shark food, but occasionally they are. Sometimes humans are bear food, or tiger food. Sometimes humans drown, and are eaten by crabs. Many are eaten by worms in graves. But we are all eaten one way or the other, eventually, and it is coming in a few years, or a few decades of years, but it is soon.

So if you ask me, priority one is making sure we are all ok, in spirit and in body, because horror is enough already, without adding more through lots of stupid activities that only increase our suffering.

Firstly, let us consider if we are all safe, provided for, at peace, able to live peacefully while we wait for old age, disease, and death. It is bad enough, we shouldn't make it worse. If we make things peaceful, then we can have things like nice gatherings, celebrations, and we can make villages, cities, what have you, so long as we never forget to stay peaceful, cooperative, loving, safe, provided for, not creating violence or pain. We need to stay aware of all of us, all of us aware for all of us, or we will have animal life. The higher human spirit is capable of change, only if it thinks. If it reacts, like an animal reacts, then it will have the world and life of animals, which includes a lot of gore and war.

If however, the humans exercise and develop their ability to think and make good choices, then they will develop peace on Earth, as they do have that ability, if they develop it. A person who wishes to feel the wonderful bliss of spiritual life like I have felt, has to be humble, reserved, thoughtful, aware, considering often, spending time considering choices, chooses peaceful activities, avoids things related to violence, is vegetarian, is watchful of and can see the patterns of natures workings, and sees therefore that all is interrelated, and that is therefore a socialistic school of Souls, as there is a group, and then there are individuals who make up that group, both.

I want to convince you of some positions of mine, and yet, couldn't care less if you agree. I want to make this life I'm dying off here as nice as possible, yet, I know it is doomed, so my attempts are half hearted.

With that said, if you want, I can share with you what a brilliant mind of one sort sees. I think it rises to the level of fascinating for most, though I fear most of most won't be able to understand due to inability to follow a protracted soliloquy such as that, which I am about to lay before your eyes and mind. Yes, I am one amazing guy but the lousy part of my life is that I have to sell myself, and that is really bad because it makes it really hard to ward off a variety of standard insults such as "narcissi himself". Well why would I want to do that anyway? Am I not satisfied with a normal life? Nope, never have been. When I was wee little I heard the priest loud and clear. I think I was like 5 years old when it started, and it just got more and more. What? The thing. The calling. I heard the priests, and I heard my Mom and I heard Jesus and many others on TV and in many places including from Nuns in early and later classrooms, and from Priests again later, and Brothers and people in India and it never stops. I heard about God, Dharma, Religion, The Absolute Truth, and The Highest Truth... these were our normal everyday words, for my whole life, or so it feels. I am still chewing the exact same cud as I was back then, yeah, it is pretty much been a steady stream, of being attached to trying to find and serve the Supreme, that High Truth, if it can be known and found, that source, that origin, that God, that Lord, or whatever it is, Goddess?, Force?,... I was, am, a seeker.


So, here I am seeing my body as a well made temporary dust formation, and I'm too young to be taken seriously, so what do you do? You test the theories, you explore them more deeply, experience them in fullness, gain knowledge for your future mission. So I took to that lifestyle. If something grew too focused on one thing and took away from the overall progress and process of preparing for my future mission I would drop it. Like at one point I had to part with Catholic and at another with Hare Krishna.

Anything that prevented me from truth. Dogma can definitely keep you from truth because an inherent part of each religion is to constantly defend its claim to your Soul, for service, for donations, participation, lip service, etc. Religions have their properties to worry about, the preacher is also a land holder, a renter really, like a land lord, and he has property to fill.

The real substance of truth however is just wisdom, or something that is in the air, or in your head, perhaps stored in books, but it is not a physical thing like a piece of land, a holy land, a temple, a book by itself, no, religion, or reality, or truth, wisdom is something experienced and stored in the human mind, will, intelligence, determination, instinct, etc. It is in all the parts of our psyche, or not, but it not something concrete outside of us, at all, except when it is found in the forces we perceive coming off another living being. It is a simple point, but unless you are present you cannot perceive. You are 1st and foremost just a witness, a "seeing" thing, a living being that "perceives" thus "has consciousness" and due to the nature of bodies and the mind "you have feelings".

That in total is called sentience, or the existence of a being that feels, that is a sentient being, a being with senses and sensations from those senses. That is different than a non-sentient life such as a plant, whose sentience is far less than that of a human or animal with a face, heart and active mind. Note too that many plants perform their form of "life" even when cut to pieces and simply put in water. So there is a difference for sure.

When you are determined to find and serve the truth, God, nothing is out of bounds, no place too far. India was on Earth that made it valid enough, period. I had no fear. They had ideas, knowledge, books, culture, ancient sciences, and when they explained it to me, I was amazed by the clarity, synchronicity of its parts, the sciences, how they merged with nature and science, how different it was from Catholic, so much larger and much more complete, oh my was I addicted right away.

At a point in life I still thought for sure that there "might be THE ONE religion" still out there to discover. I was not alone. Why? Because the world was not yet breached. Not enough people had been to India. It still had the power of mystery. We BELIEVED the Gurus were special. People are still playing around with the "Indian Guru" thing, although now Mike Myers has tried to make fun of it even, it is gone that far that clichés have formed. As that is what happens when something is consistent in styles or forms and raises tensions. "Raghead". "Wetback". "Indian Love Guru". Generalizations and worse. Many Indian Gurus hate love. They preach against sex strongly, and the "love" that woman offer men they call Maya or Illusion. So much for love Gurus. Most are this way I describe, only a few are the way of love and sex. Some of the strict ones, a good number, were caught having sex, however.

So our virginity about India was lost as well. I am now realized about India. I hear young people say "I can't wait to go to India", and the word "India" is like rainbow flowing from their mouth, full of such anticipations, as will make them the gullible victims of Gurus and Fakes. Some go to dance in ecstatic love of Krishna, and others go to try to be Krishna and make love while dancing on the drug Ecstasy. Westerners and India. Harrumph.

But what is that, what is a Westerner going to India for when they say "to seek upliftment" or "spirituality" or "to see my Guru", etc. What are they really saying or doing? I'll tell ya, they are seeking happiness, family, caring, loving, union, joy, which they know takes culture, so they are going where there is a culture of that. We have one here in the West I suppose you could say, but it doesn't work for many, so they go elsewhere when and if they can. But when a person or cat or whatever seeks to cuddle up to their lover or owner or a pillow or a pill, they are all seeking the same thing, comfort, warmth, love, happiness, joy, ok'ness, survival, life, sentience, good sentience.

We all want "good sentience", or at least we want "common sentience". That is not common sense, Which is the average level of comfort and pleasure. The sense register signals and our brain judges them as good or bad, or on a scale, along certain lines. The ears are a good example, easy to understand: Is the sound too loud, too soft, very nice, very ugly, high, or low, over here, or over there…

So our mind perceives all incoming data from the sense and judges it and makes suggestions to the intelligence that then decides things and then we act. The mind might suggest some garbage, and if the intelligence is not on the overseeing lookout, then the person might do the garbage, like stick a gun to their head because their girlfriend left, and That is just a bad idea, but if the intelligence is weak at the time, bamm, the mind kills itself and the whole body. What a dumb mind.

Back to the point, everything is constantly seeking pleasure, basically. Not vice, but at least survival you see? The sense are like "What am I sensing". The mind is like "oh, candy bars and nobody watching", and the intelligence is like "Those aren't food, look away". Fine. If everything is aligned, you will not eat one.

If you have been suffering, then faith in the intelligence is weak, and the mind can take over more, and then you're finished. Hence, very important to re-center and take charge with your intelligence always, before acting, after becoming beat and depleted. If you allow the mind and senses to win in this "down moments" then you pay so much, it takes time to clear, the fat, the hangover, the blur, the fog, of whatever vice you do at the minds demands because you are not happy at one moment.

A good amount of human waste of talent and time could be avoided if people would re-center after each small daily trauma that sets them off their best and centered self empowering and preserving path. Now the main point is that people want and need certain things in order to survive, and in order to feel that they will survive. We not only need what we need, but we also need mental things like assurances, love, smiles, etc., to know that our futures are also good, promised, and safe. At least from other humans.

We cannot control natural disaster, but we can control how we treat each other. It is there that our collective happiness is derived, and from that our quality of life. If your quality of life is destroyed by constant shelling from an enemy, it ruins each day. It is important to not have enemies shelling you, and it is important to not have nuclear bombs falling. So it is important that everyone trust each other enough. More than that, it would be helpful if we actually understood that our collective dealings and welfare are required to be positive if our lives are to be positive. For every enemy out there, part of your brain is occupied with that unhappiness. Actually every person who is aware of North Korea in the United States, has a small part of their brain going on North Korea, at least now and then, which is wasted cycles, in that they are negative as opposed to positive, being used to ward off, rather than add unto.

Imagine if humans had no anxiety from such things, and had positive signals coming in on the news like "All of the Mid East has now completed their "water for all" program for all people living in the entire Mideast. There are now far less tensions between Israelis and Palestinians." Imagine if the news started to improve, and became positive. Because, imagine, that people started to think collectively rather than provincially.

Let us consider, for the people on Earth, can we as people take care of ourselves and provide for ourselves? I feel that given the age we are in, yes we can. But the will must be there. The will is not there, if you only have love for your own people. The will is there when you see deeper than that, realize your connectedness, realize that when one part hurts you also hurt, and realize the power in all being fine. Oh you know that would be good. You know it. You don't believe it so you laugh at me, silly boy. Big dreamer. Yeah, I am. But I'm not proposing this, I'm simply hoping you'll follow along long enough to get what I'm talking about because it is a long thought cycle. Please continue on the ride, thank you. You'll like by and by, I think.

Down to brass tacks, the way to change the world, is by having more divine progeny, or people who are more complete and perfect as individuals, better humans, less simple stupid one's. The way to do this is through science, but, which? I propose astrology, because it is actually the science of alignment of energies. Astrology is really about reading nodes of energy combinations, which create entities within the affected realm. The Planets are not the effective agent here, but rather, simply representative nodes, co-significating with all else the waves, which are passing through this zone or that swirl here endlessly and impulse all things constantly with energy.

We do know that our living energy comes to us in a wave from the Sun. We also know that energy waves can push "matter" because matter is also energy and in circular constructs like complex fractal relations and these quadrants of energy in space (an object, such as your body) can be pushed or moved or changed by waves passing through its area, such as blast waves, sound waves, radio waves, x-rays and radiation. Waves are effective, and the affected is all things in its path.

We are nothing but constructs of complex energy vortexes known as atoms, molecules, etc. on up the chain, and we are in nothing but that over and over, going out in size from us, and down in size within and around us. In both directions, bigger and smaller, the energy keeps swirling in larger and smaller vortexes known as objects... really energy centers. For some reason, energy is there. Why is a Planet there? Overall, it is going to come down to "matter somehow gathered and is now at that point and is now orbiting the Sun or Earth as the case may be etc.". Bottom line, matter is there, it got there, and it stays there. That is a Sign of an energy center there. The energy center attracted the matter in the 1st place, gave it enough hutzpah to survive and become a real center, a "Planet" ta da!

A Planet is really a ball of matter of some type traveling in space around an energy center known as "The Sun". The Sun is a nuclear burning ball, like a slow Nuke explosion basically, very very large, and the Planets are masses of matter, turned into "balls" by the forces of gravity, which emanate from a center equally causing matter to stick all around, gather tighter, heat up, cool down, etc. A Planet is formed from stuff. The fact that it is where it is tells us an energy point exists there, now if not before too. Now it certainly does. The Planets have radio pulsations too. They are pulsating and making sounds in wave form, emitting waves. Planets emit lots of various waves, and reflect or redirect waves as well, such as light waves, are redirected back and in all directions, so we can see the Planets because of this particular aspect of energy, that it absorbs some and redirects other waves into and off of itself.

All things are in the dance of absorbing and repelling waves. Sunburn is absorbing too much of one wave type. You can absorb some heat and light, but not too much. Your matter, your cells and molecules, start to change with all that energy passing through them. The ones on the surface of your most exposed point, your nose, getting the most light from all directions, the top most exposed cells begin to change from the heat and light and are no longer yours. They are taken away from you, we say "burnt off".

As a gun is a force, you must attach brain, similarly the Sun is a force and if you do not use your brain, it can kill you. The Sun can and will kill you without regard, if you let it, because it is a force in motion, with no brain or discretion, so you must use yours to avoid collision with too much Sunlight. Similarly, once release by a brain, a bullet is heading in a direction unstoppable mostly, it is then a "force", but it is not 'with you', it is uncaring of you. So there is caring capability in brains, but not in forces. Forces need brains. Forces are energy. A battery is full of energy potential, but only if applied by a brain in the proper way. You must have a brain that knows how to use the battery, and then it is very useful, as a force, to help that brain achieve some goal. If you place your embryo in front of a speeding bullet, poor embryo. It is dead. If you let somebody beat it up every day while it is forming, and always in the same place, then it might have a bruise there when born, no?

Similarly if you let a Planet beat it up with its rays while it is forming, you will see a Saturn or Mars mark on the baby when it is born. Think I'm crazy? I'm not. Study Vedic astrology, and you'll see, if you have a baby while certain Planets are traversing certain Signs in the heavens, and based on your location on Earth, the effects of those waves will be visible in the child when born. That is right. I read them all the time. This works.

You have calculate the Planets, Signs and angles of things, which is all possible and done these days thanks to Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratories who provided me and many others with the planetary code they've gathered for computers over the decades, and thanks to the works of others who did things like categorize all locations of all cities on Earth and all their clock time changes so we could really pinpoint when and where people were born. We astrologers have been using GPS, so to speak, for decades, to pinpoint birth locations. We know the tilt and location of Planets, Signs, and so on, for any birth, because of the contributions of all these thinkers, including Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, and many astronomers and astrologers throughout history.

So the right way to do things is in cooperation with the Planets. By allowing for their placements in our considerations, we are working with the universal energies.

Do NOT try to Suntan at night. I swear it is a waste of time!

If you want your lover to see a bright Star, show them Venus. If you show them Saturn, so far away, dark, surrounded by a ring of space garbage, you're going to bum her out! So pick your planetary rays accordingly. And yes, Venus encourages love and Saturn encourages a bummer. Actually, to jump ahead for curious minds, the bottom line on controlling the future is twofold, assuming what we want is overall "good" for people, which I'm going to go ahead and assume, so, two things are needed:

1. Everyone have babies in alignment with the Planets (this is a large science but it can be studied, learned, disseminated widely, etc., no problem)

2. Everyone must be fully educated. Education is essential if we want good, because, dumb people do bad. Plain and simple. Must eradicate dumbness. These two steps will do this, without killing, without genocide.

That is the key. Previous to me, great leaders tried to clean things up in the now by the knife. I'm proposing let's clean things up in our future with the brain. Yes, let's use our brains now, to create a better FUTURE for ourselves. And I mean ourselves, because by all Signs, it seems we return, in new bodies. So it makes sense to clean up our bedroom so it is clean when we come back. Since we come back to Earth, let's make it a nice place to return to. Or, make it a nice place for future generations, out of respect maybe? Where these things are not allowed, you can rest assured that religions (people with fears) are standing in the way. Or, people who think these are false notions, astrology a false science, are standing in the way. I guarantee you this though, if you give me that person, for awhile, long enough to get them to STOP IT with their abject intolerance for this idea, get them to listen long enough to overcome their determined inner will to hate this notion, get them to pay attention long enough to see it, to listen to it, to give studying it is scientific reliability just one good hour of their mental time, then they too would see, "oh my God, this not only works it is accurate a lot of the time...oh my God...paradigm shift". "I feel the Earth, move, under my feet."

Seriously speaking, prior to myself, there were a few Jyotish programs available, in the West and in India. I did create the 1st one in a database, and started using that myself for research, since astrological research requires database type crunching, I ended up doing something that probably had never been done before on Earth, that is, computerized crunching of Jyotish astrological principles against real charts on modern computers. Well when I got into Jyotish and this study, I did quickly see it worked. I did see that the Dashas work, and transits work, and that key events in people's lives did happen during the appropriate Dashas and transits, and thus, I could see, the Vedic concept of astrology worked well in real life, which showed me that predeterminism was going on, since the Planets have steady orbits.

So I got a glimpse that many do not want to really understand, that we are one with the matter around us, that as it spins our evolution unfolds in harmony with it, that there really are these 12 sectors of differentiation in the Zodiac belt, and the Planets moving through them does mark changes on Earth and in our lives, that in other words, all things from the Planets down to dust on Earth are all spinning in harmony. That is really what I'm saying.

Never mind thinking "the Planets do X to me". No, the Planets don't DO it to you, they are caught in the same waves, and yes they are players in that they emit and reflect waves, but they are not alone in this, the Zodiac is emitting rays, stars emit rays, there is light and all kinds of waves bouncing around in a very complex scheme. But the closest large objects to us are the Earth and the other Planets. These major objects do indeed catch, reflect, and emit waves. They probably bend and other alter the waves passing near them that come at us from the stars thus the concept in astrology of combining the readings from Signs with the Planets traveling through them seems to be a direct reflection of the scientific fact of waves from stars passing near Planets in their path as they travel towards Earth.


Then there are the basic human emotional needs, and these are violated the world over. We are getting better at recognizing these and serving them. These are things like having a stable childhood, feeling a part of, feeling provided for, cared for, stable families, villages, governments, etc. People need to feel safe, otherwise, in a threatened feeling state, they react, are stressed, will crumble.

The most basic functions of government therefore should be the protecting of, securing of, good nutrition, education, and a safe and strong structure to all things for everyone, so that a feeling of security can prevail enough for humans to not be always stressed.

Work produces goods, and services are directly a "good", and such goods are valuable, and thus all human trade exists based on goods and services. Money is merely a tool of society, but is itself not wealth. Ultimately pleasure, happiness and joy are what feel good. Without these, wealth has no direct value. Wealth cannot be eaten, and you cannot live in it. Money alone is neither shelter, nor food, nor a friend, a lover, a meal, it is nothing.

Only people provide these things to other people, and only the labor, services, and produced goods, all by other humans, are of what is real value to anyone, rich and poor alike. The money of the rich does allow them to enjoy finer levels of quality in all they touch, but that is all...they cannot eat more, cannot have more sex, cannot live in more than one place at a time, nor can they avoid death, nor disease ultimately, and if they are not of good internal character, nothing can help them...they will have lousy lives despite their wealth. So having good character comes before a means to the end of having a good life.

To have good outside, we must 1st control and focus inside. When we are inwardly self controlled, clear about our priorities, which put life at the top, clear about the realities of life, death, the great school Universe we live in, the oneness or interrelatedness of all, the power of the divine path, the inner path, the power of the good heart, when we stay in that light, yes stay in it all the time, stay focused on our own good, thus we can stay focused on positive because we have made positive livable and real within ourselves. This alignment causes the power that causes creation, manifestation.

What is good for you, is not for me, when we talk specifics, so you have to figure out your mix of what is "good". That is wholly personal. The IDEA is that YOU must LOVE YOURSELF and treat yourself well, talk nice to yourself, be your own friend, be kind to yourself in your own skin. You have to be having a nice internal time, a nice internal conversation. If you are freaking out inside, That is your different parts yelling at each other, fighting, which isn't good. You need peace in the inner family. Just keep the idea around, it will gradually be realized.

The aim of everything is happiness. The aim of everything is pleasure and joy. To get there, we have to include everyone. To get to the end where we are going, we will learn to be nonviolent.

In our pasts, we were violent. Our past cultures, our past history is full of violence. But our future is full of peace and love, sharing, equality, more pleasure, more happiness. Less fear, more fulfillment. So we can't just cling to the past, we must move forward towards happiness, joy, pleasure, and fulfillment – these are spiritual gifts, born of spiritual values. That is our future as a people, as Souls, as spiritual angels. Be a part of that in this lifetime in any way you can. Start inside yourself and move out from there. That is the calling; that is the spiritual calling that we all feel.

Be the change that you want to see in the world. Be it inside yourself. I must, you must, rethink – not cling to the past. Hear the calling. Make changes. It doesn't have to all happen overnight. It can't. But it can over time; over lifetimes. If we are coming back, which I believe we are, reincarnating – what world do you want to come back to?

If you have to come back to all the garbage you create, then you'll think twice about creating garbage. If you have to come back as your own great-grandchild, what do you want to teach your children? Because they'll be teaching you. That is the way it is. That is the truth. Create the world you want to come back to. Create the future of all lives, of all Souls. Because you will be in it. That is why the old religions fail us. They teach us that we can exit, which is causing all this suicide bombing. They teach us that we can exit and leave everyone behind in the quagmire just be some noble, virtuous act of killing others. That is not true. That can't be true. The truth is instead that we come back. So with that in mind, create a better world full of peace, sharing, happiness and love for your children, your grandchildren, for yourself. For all of life.

The ancient white people believed in reincarnation. Until Rome forced Christianity on them, Celts believed in reincarnation. They covered Europe 2000 years ago. Roman invasion, and then after Rome left, the Germans spread out of Germany covered all of Europe, took over all of England and spread to America an those tribes also believed in reincarnation but they too were changed by Rome and by Christianity. Then Islam got going and it changed much of the Middle East, Africa, the world, with similar concepts of one life to live, heaven or hell, this kind of thing.

Before all that, reincarnation was the norm. And such a vague definition of God that basically anything and everything was God, which is more true , actually. To divinize, to divinate everything is a good thing. Make everything divine. Treat everything the way you would treat God. That is a good thing. That is the ancient way. That is the way of the future . This middle sidetrack was a great lesson, it was great for material expansion, but it is not the forever way. The forever way is the true spiritual way of caring, of oneness, of brotherliness, the brotherhood of mankind, all related, man, woman, everyone, caring about each other, loving each other, caring about animals, caring about all life, caring about the Earth – that is the way to greater happiness for all, greater pleasure for everyone, greater joy, greater love, everything improved through spiritual vision, spiritual life.

So onward we go, in these ways, happier, better, spiritualized. You can do it for yourself internally as much as you like – that is one place where you have full control. You cannot control the world, or even your own city, or even your own House. Nature is doing that. There's a lot of other factors. But you can control a lot how you see life inside yourself. You have your time inside your mind in this life. You can make that a temple.

We should all do that, and then the world will change. Awake, aware, and pacing. That is what I've been doing for years. Why? Because life has big questions. Today is no different. I've been pacing, looking at photos of dead bodies and war gore, thinking about the Soul.

OK, so we're in meat bodies, definitely. "So what" you say? "Get over and get on with enjoying life", you say? Do you really? I can't say that. I can't feel that way.

On the other hand, clearly, it makes me want to change the way I look at life completely. I cannot accept that all that I am, all my personality, achievement, attainment of awareness and education, is for nothing, is just memory in brain matter that will be burned, splattered or eaten by worms, and That is it? No way. I do clearly see that we are, as the human race, an ocean of rib cages, bones, muscles and soft jelly brains in eggshells called skulls, and that we are in a chain of genetic reproductions of our parents, one generation after another in a chain we call our lives. We dress it up and drive shiny cars, forgetting that we are, after all, biological life forms, made of only temporarily living matter in this form, that we shall grow old, suffer, and die, and that we lose absolutely everything slowly then fully with time.

We are conscious beings in meat bodies. We are animal meat bodies, with a very aware spirit peering out from inside. We can contemplate deeply, as I am right now, and we can feel, imagine, dream and hope, in ways, which are very different from, grander than, our own real current reality. We are dreamers. We want to fly, we want to live forever, and we want to be angels, in other words.

Maybe we are angels, currently on assignment for some reason in meat bodies in a hell of death and seeming rebirth, endlessly, an ocean of suffering with mere smatterings of illusory pleasures or hopes of pleasures that never quite cut the mustard. Maybe this is hell and we did something wrong. Maybe this is a school and we are new Souls being slowly raised to own enlightenment by finding it ourselves, in an ocean of possibilities and reminders of our own past bad choices.

I prefer the second one. It makes the most sense to me. If everyone is a new Soul, being raised, and in the end, in eternity, this temporary even if thousands of lives long life here, is still very temporary, like a vanished remembered dream, once we are there, so it won't matter, but it raised us fully to the point of being saints, because lesson by lesson, life after life, each of us gradually achieves enlightenment, carrying from one life to the next only the innermost seeds of the past emotional lessons, a place to start from, we retain that, nothing else, and mature, and we do so in a world of matter, energy, provided for the purpose of the school, breathed back into the manifesting agent, when the need is finished.

In any case, an educated person knows how fleshy the body is, and as the person grows older, becomes increasingly aware of how health and beauty are only granted to the young, and everyone else is slowly losing both. It sucks. It is depressing. Aging and death are depressing and very difficult, and lay ahead for every one of us, all of us, everyone single one. No beautiful young girl is going to stay that way, not one. Every single one will grow older, many will have kids, many will get fatter, all will age and eventually be not young pretty girls, and eventually will be old ladies, and then die. Same for men.

So putting one's hopes for happiness in the material is one way to play the game. That is to say, that you hope to get happiness from the interaction of your meat with other meat. Unfortunately, these meat bodies perpetually change, under the ravages of time, so this is at best a temporary game to chose. It is for a few years, then it is hopeless...with sagging everything, bad breath, ugly faces, entrenched ugly bad habits, partners become ugly. It is inevitable.

More correct vision would be to see that in fact we are all stuck in meat bodies and we're stuck here, on this Planet, under physical laws, like that make us build shelter, procure food, evacuate stool, have sex, raise babies in all this, make hospitals to try to save our meat bodies, etc.

Since this life is a flash, and eternity is forever, do not act for this life, and in doing so harm others, for that will bring that pain back to you, which can only happen here, so you have to return to receive your punishment. Don't do it. Instead, free yourself from this realm by being of spirit, and automatically you will transfer to a befitting place, or this place changes, or something, but in no way should any human be caught up in this life alone, it is glaring charms, and thus forget their Soul.


So since your body, intelligence on down to toes, is totally fake as this world, and fully on auto pilot to fake you out and teach you.

And it lets you if you try, more will now that I am teaching, go into your thoughts, then past them to your core beliefs, past the guards of confusion who guard there to keep you out, back more, keep going, talk to all your intelligent thoughts, and scrutinize them, eliminate the losers and fakes, keep digging into your core, many false memories of past wrong intelligence are on top, fight them kill them, keep going, you are in your intelligence, digging to it is root, each person unique, face your life, face your fears, stored there, keep fighting, to find the real you behind and inside all this intellectual shit you've stored, it is yours, unique to you, you see one country, i see another, my intelligent thoughts, from books read, you have yours...

Dig and dig, who is the essential you, then talk to your god a lot, about anything, become comfortable there, it should be like you and the ultimate best friend parent who loves you unconditionally but is in charge of everything so you can talk about anything to him it her them; once this is established over some days, you can actually think in this real person, anytime, even right when you wake up, oh hi god, another day in the material world where you and I don't live, looks like I’m still in that old assignment... ok, what does it do 1st ...




I am that witness, my inner core, who lifts out of this body at its death and is either confused, fine, desirous, or not and thus the future is written, by the state of beings at death and the calling of parents at conceiving and thus, it rolls forward, the fake world you see, and the real world that awaits you and it doesn't call, this is only a mad lover new discoverer of sanity and my lord again trying to pass time in his assignment body.


My dear brothers and sisters worldwide, now let us have peace, for the time has come to stop all killing, and walk in the light that is the right of our Souls, together, as one, caring for each other as one, caring for our shared home, all in the light, all together. While remembering past cultures and their many colors and beliefs is fine, actually identifying that way is no longer fine. We are humans, one family, and one world now. We are ready to evolve to this, the next level. I am born of the US but of no country, travelled the world and I know and love you all. We can do this. Join in the spirit of total peace now and forever.

The Human IS Capable of Non Violence. ONLY the Human is capable of Non Violence. ONLY the Human can decide to, and organize for, PEACE ON EARTH Amongst Humans. The Black Man Investor Guru loves to say "The Calvary Ain't Coming" and Republican Christians like to stress Responsibility, OK, I'm game, so let's be responsible like Loving Jews, Christians and Muslims for ALL of Humanity ALL over the Earth NOW, RIGHT AWAY.

Any numbers, and Western Summations of Cultures as removed from ours as this one, have to be viewed with caution for it is cross cultural judgment, not an offering from the Woman there themselves. Having lived with "these woman", I can say for certainty, that THEY do not feel this high of a number is true. They do not view things the way we do, ... Read more and their men are not like our men, these woman are not like our woman, they believe, act and think quite differently and deserve to be honored as valid, equal, and dealt with full honor and dignity, then guess what, you WILL find they DO Have that indeed, and do deserve it indeed, and so do their husbands, fathers, brothers, etc. Walk the shoes, know the blues.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. This is relative to you "do" capability of course. Now that WE have the ABILITY to do GOOD unto others, WE SHOULD. The US SHOULD do good unto Afghanistan, Africa, etc., right away, by coming to their full rescue with dignity, equalizing the wealth, leveling the education field, etc. OH!, wow, how radical, but, we will loose our wealth to THEM ? Yes.

Isn't that what you would want them to do for you? If Muslims ruled the world, had nukes, wouldn't let us have 'em, could fly planes, drones, over our countries and kill us without even being here, and we could NOTHING about it, wouldn't we want them to CARE, to come and EDUCATE US? Or would we want to be left in relative poverty by them? What would we want in reverse? Do that, and you are Christian and Jew.

Yes, woman who sit around googooing over babies and giving them the breast, and love, are sweet indeed, just as anyone who shelters another with love and gives them what they need, is sweet, and so The Lord, The Supreme Lord, has asked us all to Do unto each other What we need, which is healthy for us, for our real selves, and real progress.

But WHO is GOD ? HE is an inference we've all assumed, based on viewing ourselves and our experience here, and collectively, we have found, all over the world, that he/we want us to not kill each other, and we have made this rule #1, but for reason, even the people who say they are chosen to be God's people don't follow this simple simple rule, for many of them eat meat, carry guns, fly bombers, fund war etc.

The Ego of mankind must again bow to a greater realization, as it has done before. We cannot go on pretending, worldwide, not to see the things we rely on in science daily. We are in a field of energies. This is fundamental. We are witnessing consciences in a body wrapped around our witnessing selves but the body is made of the same material as this entire region, or Universe, creation, this space full of stuff, That is what we know. We know for damn sure actually that all matter is made of energy. We've categorized it down quite well, yet, we have world leaders playing games with our lives using ancient religions that have no basis in reality anymore as their guiding lights and motivating rhetoric. This is not acceptable. I do not despise our ancient cultures and belief systems, in fact I cherish the good in them because in all you can find much of such good motivation. But their knowledge was limited to their times. We are not there, now. We are here, now. We know that we are a human species, on a Planet, all threatened by the same large threats such as meteorites if they happen, and by things that cross our borders such as Earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. We know that we are all so similar, in fact our doctors can operate anywhere, because we're all the same inside. In fact, what separates us is pigmentation chemicals. Oh and one other important thing: Lingering hanging on to old cultural ideas, especially bad when they include judgments, racism, hatred, genocide. In fact, the worst threat we have is our own lousy emotional beings. Our lack of real intellect and real courage to do what is right.

In this day and age, when we fully know about each other, fully talk to each other, fully visit each other, all so easily, it is a shame if we cannot with this ability use it to make the necessary changes to ensure not our ongoing fear of each other, but instead our ongoing survival as one. We don't have to be fully one, our borders are convenient trading and other checkpoints for running things. No problem. What's wrong is in our heads about what life is, who we are, and thus who others are. What must change is how people see people and what their lives are really like so that they can live them well and fully. By spreading education about health, by empowerment, by spreading love of study and excellence instead of violence and sex, the natural goodness of people will come out.

The media is driven by the people. It has no mind of it is own. It is a mindless follower of the trends it smells in the air around itself. If the people change, so too will television and movies, completely, as if in sync and as if like a dog being perfectly obedient because all they are really about is being in the talking spot, and getting the advertising dollar. That is fine. Let them be. Good job boys and girls of the media. I'm not concerned with you at all. I'm concerned with the hearts and minds of the people themselves. I want the people of America and then everywhere to stand up for themselves enough to wag the dog of Hollywood, Bollywood, and everywhere media is generated, to stop being so full of useless garbage, and start being instead full of useful education or at least honest artful entertainment, which does still exist, and many real artists, actors and writers are ready and willing to have a chance, if it were not for the popularity and acceptance of garbage instead.

This atrocity is at the heart of the American letdown, that is, that America is so brain dead, has no cultural values, and is excelling along with very few other countries in being really ok with culturally very low and base material being constantly pushed into everyone's faces. This is insulting, and only the people can cure themselves of this plague. Demand better by buying better. Do not be such an imbecile as to accept garbage. Then sit back and watch the world improve. Share this message with everyone, and watch the world improve. Romans called the God of Communication "Mercury", so, since this is an empire: Boycott Mercurial Garbage, and Mercury will do better to continue to sell to you. It is up to YOU. ASK MERCURYURY FOR BETTER. Boycott as much of the garbage as you can, such as porn and fox. Boycott anything that seems biased to you unless you see that they are concerned with the welfare of all, the equality of all, the benefit of all, then you can buy their bias because WE ARE AN ALL.


So I demand and ask that every major corporation and government, recognize the United Nations, and make it important, and make ALL important. But most of all, I ask ALL to make themselves important, and with their viewing minutes, listening ears and buying money, VOTE for a BETTER MESSAGE other than those, which are either causing ongoing war and hatred or are simply thousands of years old and out of step with the science we use everyday. I believe that humans worldwide can work together to solve our global and shared problems and as well solve all our local problems without war, by increasing education greatly, and all social development programs in all nations that focus on strengthening the individuals themselves in all types of education and empowerment to survive. Instead of war. They both cost a lot. One is fun. One is bloody and horrible, and causes the kind of ongoing hatred, that we have today, causing our wars today, which cause our ongoing hatred, for our wars tomorrow. STOP IT. Join the mood to shift to love and universal oneness rather than sectarianism, hatred, violence, anger, and ancient unworkable myths, please.

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