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About scriptures, languages, and understanding them
About scriptures, languages, and understanding them

Scriptures come generally from the writing, lives, or speaking, or writings of enlightened Souls on Earth. An enlightened Soul on Earth is a rare thing, cannot be forced, imitated or faked. They are rare by god’s will. They thus emanate, speak, and write, in THEIR tongue and language at the time, to the times of that time. Thus the teachings have a relativity built into them. This relativity is heavily based in language. Language represents the thinking, and is how thinking is based, in the minds of people, at that time, and place, always. Each time and place thus has a different language and that matches and represents the way of thinking at that time and place only or fully.

Then, most scriptures have been either edited or were originally compiled by, the combination of the true and real teachings of the luminary they are based upon, then also PLUS the wrong editing and additions of UN enlightened but sincere or insincere Souls, usually sincere. The difference between being enlightened and not, is real, and then the editing, because of how language works, is thus not quite right. This all adds up to one point: The only best way to understand any scripture is by knowing well the real meanings of THAT language at THAT time. Only thus be studying the LANGUAGE of your scripture at that time, can you really get it more clearly. Muslims know this very well about their scripture. I know it clearly about Indian's scriptures.

Thus, by His will, luminaries are made in various times and various languages. For an example, the word "Saranagati" in Sanskrit scripture of "Hinduism", is normally translated as "Surrender" (to god). However, this is a word chosen by Indians from their learning of English from the British quite awhile ago. Now that I know the culture and language of the origins of these scriptures, by having lived in it, learned it, humbly, from masters, and now realized it, I can say, for example, that the actually correct modern western English translation of this word is "willing entering into", and not "surrender".

The reason I say this is from realization. I know that the word surrender connotes to us these days, the scene of a battlefield or some war connotation, where "surrender" is UN willing and NOT such a happy event. Surrender to me, a westerner, is not exactly a happy word, it is more of a "sorrowful last resort".

OK, That is kind of true about surrendering to god, the last resort part is. But it is NOT Unwilling, it is WILLFUL, and it is NOT sorrowful at all, it is BLISSFUL and HAPPY. So I KNOW, that SURRENDER is the wrong English word for this last act of the Ego as it dies into Gods arms. No, it is not "surrender", since that word is used usually in regards to war.

If your "entry mood" at the time is sorrowful, I know for sure you are not yet surrendering, or "willfully happily entering your god". If you feel it is a sad thing, at all, you are not there. It is neither hard nor sad when it is real. As soon as it happens, you are immediately engulfed in inner joy and a full light that doesn't ever leave you. You are immediately fully satisfied in all ways.

That is just one word, and there could be many and long writings and discussion on this word and each OTHER important Sanskrit concept used in the Gita and all Vedic scriptures. Other important words that are not understood due to not being explained correctly in modern English are:

Manas, mind

Budhi , intelligence

Ahamkara , the Ego here, the false Ego of "I’m this body"

Atman, the Soul

Guru, the teachers

Murtis, the deities, the idols, all about them

Karma, work

Dharma, duties

Yoga, the system for rising to God

Pundit, a person of knowledge

Ashram , a place of light work

Shastra, scripture

Smriti, oral traditions

Varna, who you are in society, your career, abilities

Ashram , stage in life

Kundali, your Jyotish horoscope and all about that

Thus, in the English world, there is great misunderstanding of these terms, and they widely used wrongly always, throughout America and Europe and the world, due to the modern people not being actually educated in thus not aware of the true meanings because they do not know the language and culture of the times in, which these words arose, and what they meant to THOSE people at that TIME and PLACE

Language is coded thought. It can be reinterpreted later wrongly by YOUR MIND inserting it is understanding of what you think it means, thus, by reading the scriptures, especially in a translation and by those who do not know the original, who are new to the whole school of thought, their hearing and conclusions, from a translated language by a person for whom that is second language, then I guarantee you for sure that you are not understanding rightly the original fully, not your fault, it has been made IMPOSSIBLE by the nature of how language works, period. It is about how language, understanding, times, places, and circumstances, are all melded into the language for you to sort OUT of the scripture.

Thus, reading the Vedas by a westerner not trained somewhat extensively in AT LEAST what the oft repeated and key words ACTUALLY mean from THAT TIME… as is being done widely, translated by someone in their second language (Prabhupada), from his gurus BENGALI translation of the Original Sanskrit. So now you have a really old book, translated into 1930's fanatical Bengali, then retranslated by Prabhupada into toned down English, this is what is being widely circulated. It is the best start in English now.

But it is not necessarily, actually usually NOT, being understood rightly by westerners who just pick them up. I know this, I have witnessed it, I understand why, scripture itself says this, and it is thus proven and true from all scientific and sensible directions.

Thus, you are FORCED into deep thinking, if you care to really understand what you are reading. Otherwise, you will invariably copy those around you and their understanding, and thus a new cult of "sort of like" what is intended gets formed somewhere.

This is invariable and true. The true meaning of all scriptures is thus made relative to a time and place pretty much. Thus, god sends new luminaries regularly to help others understand, and your hearts true desires, leads you to the wrong or right teachers, according to your readiness made by His will, felt by You as Your thoughts and feelings, which actually arise totally from your God given birth nature, completely. You are being led, and simultaneously feeling you are choosing.

Muslims insist you read Koran in Arabic, or forget it. They are right. This is the truth. Unless you get Sanskrit thought, Vedas are actually out of your reach. Unless you know Aramaic, Greek, Latin, etc., Christ is pretty much out of your reach, UNLESS, in all these cases, you go deeply into true spiritual thought, and realize what they are saying, deeply, and in doing so, it WILL actually affect you, for real, thus their will be real actions, emotions, etc., that follow, for these books are not about staying the same like everybody else, they are always about becoming something headed for eternity.

And that is not attractive to those who still have strong main drive desires for something here. And you are SUPPOSED to always have main drives and desires while here, or you stop working here properly. You can't be in the society properly.

Thus real luminaries have almost always, unanimously, dropped OUT of their local cultures and societies, for truly and only the reason that they truly think another way now, and cannot be in a society based on a total OTHER way of thinking. It is too painful.

They say near to their birth societies usually, for this is how they find people they can talk to, get help from, stay alive by, and be heard by, and so on. These people have been called all kinds of things through history like: Das, Servant, Shishya, Sevaka, disciple, student, protégé, followers, cult members, groupies, etc.

The act of listening to someone with knowledge, especially if that knowledge is really from above and thus causes some to seek liberation and change their lives, this act is usually seen in society, when it is a real teacher, as a risky and dangerous act, ONLY TRULY because common people at that time and place have heard of this luminary, and they fear the new powerful knowledge that MIGHT mess up their devotions to their material desires and objectives held deeply in their hearts. Fear.

That is Maya , and it is perfect. There is no worry, thus no need to preach, but in fact, the unenlightened listeners to a group luminary will because of THEIR egos and understandings, INVARIABLY start to share the thing they found and love, and thus books, centers, meetings, and such, begin to form around this LOVE. Over time it becomes a religion and the essence is lost, but a helpful structure for beginners in some thought line is made, and gradually fades into just structure without much to actually share, especially as the time passes, thus language mutates, but the scripture cannot, it stays the same, and thus fades, due to march of time and language, conception of words, understanding, etc. This is all invariable and automatic. Thus the true understanding must be reworded from time to time, and luminaries are sent to do that. This is also built into the whole system, and it is their Karma and Dharma to do this word, thus they are found oft to have the KarmaDhamaAdiPati Yoga in their charts, which links these two.

These people are living out their Karma just as everyone else is. Their Karma and thus Dharma however, are on such a higher level than most people, due to their previous attainments, they got this job, or by the Lords simple desire, anyone is picked, and born at a right moment in time, and is made into such a luminary. To be enlightened while living is hard to bare, and not necessary to achieve the eternity sought. A lower thing is all that is necessary. You do not have to perfect in every way, even morally according to others words and old ways. It is about a heart thing I have elsewhere explained.

The closer you get to the real thing is this life, the more and more rewards you receive inside yourself in terms of inner peace, knowing, knowledge, seeing Him in nature, seeing Him acting in all lives, seeing Him running everything, loving everyone, how everything is perfectly harmonious now here and always, and other things innumerable to list... So there is great benefit in chasing God in this life by reading scriptures, studying the languages, and so on. Great benefit. Taking a retreat to be immersed in your local and understandable to you faithful religion aimed at the Supreme God IS GOOD FOR YOU. For it nurtures you towers the essence. Ultimately you must simply believe and love the Supreme God yourself deeply inside you. The reason this is the aim of life, is that this alone will cause you to choose eternity when you next time die. Only this can guide you to god when you die, deep deep internal belief and knowing and expectation of his presence and Mercy potential. If you believe this way, you will meet him, you will know all, and be welcomed into a place in eternity, on a Planet in the spiritual eternal sky that goes on forever and yet keeps expanding hence the need for new Souls and this birthing womb thing called "Maya " or "Illusion", but better translated as

"Seeing life through eyes covered by a desire, or many, in this world, where god hides from our sight, where we are in temporary bodies that are made of an energy of god, we call it matter, Sanskrit calls it Tathasta Shakti or the external energy of god, as opposed to the better internal world and energy, which is what we call spirit, Soul, heaven, etc.

There is a heaven, Planets, people, eternal, there… and there is the glow of these, called the Brahmajyoti, in Sanskrit, and English has no word for this, so you could say "The light that fills the sky in the spiritual realm, which is outside of and thus beyond this realm, just as real life awaits you outside the womb of your mother, and when you go out, it will appear bright, for you have lived in darkness till then. When you chase religion or god or Yoga or Vedanta etc., all these religions, Christ, Islam, Jewish, all of them, whatever, when you do this, you are actually chasing YOUR relationship with A PERSON who is known as God who is known rightly by MANY names and MANY forms. Ultimately only your own inner true beliefs will guide you, not any of the faking you did on Earth, going to church because your parents wanted you to, that means nothing. Only the contents of your heart means anything.

All religions are ultimately only about changing the contents of your heart to His. Period.

They are here to try to help you purify your heart, period.

They are based in a local culture, time and place. Time and translation are invariably depredations to their quality of being able to be RIGHTLY understood. Seek the truth that matches your heart, follow your heart, and follow your bliss, the truth you truly believe.

Scriptures are NOT the master guide, nor is Guru, ultimately YOUR HEART is your ONLY wealth, your ONLY possession and your ONLY guide and your ONLY GUIDE especially at the time of death when you enter total aloneness and face a choice between attractive material lights….. and the only thing other than them, that will lead you the other way, to eternity, is if your heart truly believes and thus EXPECTS and LOOKS FOR GOD in that LIGHT in, which you find yourself after death. The faithless just go for the lights and are reborn here according to their place, which they feel as choosing to enter the light of their choice for warmth and comfort, and thus receive parents, bugs, animals, humans, whatever. Spoken in realization, in American West Coast English by someone raised in the 1960's and 70's, on said coastline, and thus, only those who are educated and really actually understand that language, will actually be the only ones who can actually correctly understand what I have written here or anywhere. And unrelated, let it be known, that all things I wrote and said and taught about God before the last 12 days, were from a different me that is no longer alive. He has been filled and thus replaced with a different me, by His will. My writings before this change of very recent times, beginning on Feb 6th 2010, were colored by a set of Maya s or illusions that I no longer have.

However, I was made to be a very dutiful disciple by God, and this Gurus saw, and always kept me close them. Whenever I wrote, I tried my best to write truth, and not my own illusions into it. Often, I was simply repeating what I read or was taught by my teachers, books and abilities built into my brain to go through much material faster than others with higher absorption than them as well. I have tried, always, to speak the truth ONLY. I have never had an agenda outside of service to God, as I did all my work on Jyotish, all my writings, etc. Sometimes I went mad and wrote crazy or needy sounding things. This person is gone, replaced, fixed. There will be no more of that.

All of my writings before that date, however, unseen, carry the layer subtly of who I was then, and that is found in the wording, only the most literate in modern western American English. I changed, and you can tell, if you know how to tell. A dumb person or an animal can be liberated. It is about the contents of their heart. Thus, learning is secondary, and it is stored in the brain, which turns to dust. Your Soul is eternal. Know the difference between "knowledge and brains and wit" and "heartfelt belief and expectation of relationship with God". An idiot who ACTUALLY believes in God, is liberated at death, because he or she searches for God.

It may be your Karma to preach, but it is HE alone who makes people change. Do your Karma and Dharma, or your work and duties in life religiously, devotionally, to God, and you will arrive at him eventually. When you really believe in Him and Expect Him to be there at death, He will BE THERE.

If you are gifted with brains in this life, which not all are, then you can study and find him, much about him, in this life, and enjoy knowledge of spirituality, high truths, live a life of devotion knowingly and fully, as much as you like, be a monk if you wish, or be married if you wish, stay married and having sex till death, if you wish, the point is that you deeply and truly love and believe in and expect God to be there at death. If however your lifestyle creates such a desire or set of desires in you that pull you from wanting God, this will affect you at death, and your impartial call will not work, and you will return, cleansed and purified to the degree that you wanted, and you reappear to fulfill your heart held desires.

If you have not forgiven YOURSELF for your sins, you might return to repay them. You CANNOT forgive yourself unless you change the behavior, it is impossible, and you cannot fool yourself. So thus, one who starts to know and seek god, finds themselves changing, apologizing, reading scripture, going to temple, loving other devotees, avoiding bad association, and so on. This is inevitable and invariable.

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