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Jyotish Studio Version 5.4   $195


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Our symbol is the glyph of the planet Jupiter. The symbol represents a Bishops Staff. Jupiter rules over things that are holy, spiritual and of higher learning. Jupiter blesses, gives, expands awareness. Jyotish is a Spiritual Science and so falls under Jupiter's domain.

Golden Yantra of Jyotish Symbol of Goravani.com
Goravani Jyotish and Jyotish Studio are the same software, just the first is the older name. Hence we have both of those websites. Visit our other website and take advantage of the first half of the blog being there. They both sell the exact same product and both are full service.

Software Features
Short Features List

Art Charts
Ashtaka Varga
Beautiful chart styles
Bhava Bala
Body Parts
Chara Dasha
Chart Overlay
Chart Searching
Chart Styles
Color Printouts
Daily listings
Data Output
Degrees in Vargas
Graphical User Interface
Highly Accurate
House Cusp Strength
Indexed Readings
Jaimini Karakas
Kakshya Transits
Kalchakra Dasha
KP System
Learning aids
Life Events
Lists of Charts
Months (Lunar)
Nakshatra Readings
Numerous Printouts
Outer Planets
PDF Output
Prasna Now
Professional Quality
Rao Format Report
Report Sets
Rising Times
Searchable Classics
Shad Bala
Solar Returns
Sub Lords to 3 levels
Tara Bala
Text Output
Transit hits
Transit Readings
Upa Grahas
Varga Charts
Western Chart
Yogini Dasha
3,200 Famous Charts

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Jyotish Software

for Mac and Windows

Vedic Astrology Software



I want v2.5 as well
No Problem. When you buy our software you gain access to our most current version, as well as Goravani Jyotish version 2.5. We do this because we figure that if you bought our software you deserve to be able to use it in the form that best suits you. Many people love and prefer the ease of use of the older v2.5. This is just something we have to live with. We made a great version and it is lasting through history. Unfortunately, for Mac users, v2.5 runs only on Windows. We have various download locations on this website but why not offer another. You can download the latest version for Windows here, the latest version for Macintosh here and you can download v2.5 for Windows here.
What operating systems does it run on?
Jyotish Studio, our current version, requires 64 bit Windows operating systems which includes Windows 10 and some older versions of Windows. We are not sure of the numbers of all the older versions. The best way to check is to download the software, which always comes in demo mode, and try it on your OS. On the Macintosh, the situation is similar.. we are not sure of all the older versions it runs on due to not having the computers running them to test upon. We are sure it runs on Mojave and Catalina, the two latest Mac OSX's. The best way to check is to try the demo and see. If it runs, great, because you can purchase, and we can turn that demo into the real thing with our activation codes that we give you after purchase. The truth is that it runs on a lot of OS's going back in time.. because 64 bit operating systems have been around quite awhile. Most operating systems still in use.. it will run on.. most people do not have incredibly old OS's on their computers we find. Goravani Jyotish 2.5 is older and will run on older versions of Windows than Jyotish Studio will. GJ2.5 is not 64 bit, it is 32 bit, like older operating systems, and may run on Windows as far back as Vista.
Who qualifies for the upgrade?
Those who own the last version of Jyotish Studio qualify for the upgrade pricing. So presently that means that owners of JS4 qualify for the upgrade pricing while all others must pay the full price. There are some special cases where someone bought GJ2.5 within the last year.. they too qualify for the upgrade pricing. Those who bought within the last 6 months qualify for a free upgrade. We are reasonable and will always strive to do the right thing by our customers. Trust in our goodness.
Is this product mature and supported?
We started this company in 1993, and it has been running strong ever since. So the software is over 25 years old, and therefore is heavily debugged and mature.. it has been through the testing of thousands of users, their feedback providing valuable insight into what is to be done in the software with each release. The software is supported via email and the turnaround time is fast. We are on our email fervently. When customers need help we are right there with them. The programmer himself does most of the email tech support and answering of sales questions so you are provided with a high level of intelligence when you correspond with us. The product is both mature and well supported. When the customer requires it, our answers include screen shots to help the user out of whatever situation they are in. We do not spare the help when help is needed. We answer fully and vigorously so that the situation is resolved. We're quite sure our customers would give us five stars for our service. We know that because of how diligently we dive upon answering anything that comes our way. We are ALIVE! and awake and READY!
How easy is it to install and use?
Jyotish Studio Vedic Astrology Software and Goravani Jyotish, our older version, both come with brain dead easy installers that install the software automatically with just one click. You run the installer, it runs itself, there are almost no questions that it asks, it just installs the software quickly, automatically. Then it runs the software so you can activate right away. Activation is just an email to us and then you get one back with the code in it. On the Macintosh installation is the standard, usual drag and drop of one icon onto the Applications folder icon on the installer window… so easy a child could do it.. As far as ease of use, well we design the software to be easy to use, and it is. One of our user references says that he was able to find everything within an hour. Another says he mastered the software within a day. It's easy to use, there is nothing hidden or convoluted, everything is either directly on a visible menu or on an easy to navigate pallet of choices. Printouts are just two clicks away each.. one click for the printouts window, another click on the particular one you want. Everything is like that.. a menu choice, a pallet click, or a button click. There's nothing hidden. If you can click, right click, scroll, then you can find everything and it is right where it should be. Ease of use is paramount in our work, we take it very seriously.
Does it come in other languages?
Unfortunately English is the only language that our software comes in at this time. Offering it in other languages is a major undertaking that is not begun at this time. It is on our dream wish list of features to add. The task is so huge as to be daunting. It is possible, it's not impossible, it's just that it's financially and work wise such a huge task that it's daunting. We are very sorry this is the case, but it is the reality of the world. Language requires going through literally every cranny of the software and installing a new system of handling text strings.. and then the readings need to be translated, and that is like translating a huge book, as our database of readings is huge. The level of sales do not make it possible to afford to pay for these services from others. It would have to be a labor of love, and truthfully nobody wants to translate a huge book for nothing, for no pay. And that's only the readings. So you see, it's a major undertaking that is out of reach. The good news is that learning English is almost always an advantageous thing to do in todays world.
Can I install it on more than one computer?
Yes, you can install our software on more than one computer, no problem, provided they are YOUR computers that you use yourself. A separate person should buy it for themselves. Do not use the multi computer license that we offer as a way to bootleg the software for other users. This does not include family members. We do not expect one household to have to buy multiple copies. On the other hand, non related persons who live with you should buy their own copy. It's a matter of seeing that separated users should buy their own copies. When it comes to those who own both Macintosh and Windows computers, it is fine to download both and request multiple activation codes, that is fine, we honor cross platform users. The most common use of all this is that person who owns a desktop computer and a laptop computer and wants it on both. If a user has a spouse or child who also wants it, that is fine to activate with the one purchase. We are good, trust in our goodness and don't abuse our goodness. That's the license.
Is there a guarantee?
At Goravani, goodness is our guide, so of course there is a guarantee. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee of satisfaction, no questions asked. We never get asked to do this by anyone, as our software is pleasing and satisfying. The readings make people go crazy with joy usually, as they are very right on and well written because we spent time and money editing them for modern times and modern English as opposed to what some others have done which is put in readings straight out of classical Indian books, where the English is Victorian and the concepts often very old world, out of date, don't apply as written. Unless you edit such stock, it is not that user friendly, so we have edited everything. This makes for satisfaction for our users. Between the ease of use, and the satisfactory way our program provides readings and output, our users are satisfied from the start. Nevertheless, we stand ready to refund anyone who is unhappy with the product after purchasing it. The fully amount, and no questions asked. So far nobody has abused us in this regard, which is a track record of goodness for both us and our clients. Things shine in the world of Goravani.. the product shines, and the people on both sides shine. It's a happy program with happy users. If there is a problem, we are on it like diligent agents until the situation is resolved, which is one reason our users are happy users.. they are supported. So buy with confidence that in all respects you are insured and covered.

See a sample of our reports.


The PDF the above button shows you is just a set of reports output from Jyotish Studio. There is a Report Sets Feature. One part of that feature is the ability to output the reports in the set in a single PDF file, perfect for sharing, emailing, etc. You can make report sets like this yourself easily if you have Jyotish Studio.


The following is just one example of how your chart window might look in Goravani Jyotish Studio. The fact is you can make it look however you like, from styles of chart and glyph or letters to the coloring, to art charts.. keep scrolling down and you'll get an opportunity to see glorious chart windows and other features. This is just to get you interested.. You don't like Purple.. no problem, you can have any coloring you want. Prefer North India.. no problem.. it has the options you need.

Vedic Astrology Jyotish Chart Windows from Software

User References


I’m convinced that this is the best Vedic software ever I have seen. - HS

The program is simply amazing...brilliant. Thank you very much. - DD

It's working beautifully. Utterly delighted with the program. - EP

PHEW! I was guided in this choice...I am very pleased. - MM Your program is fabulous and has almost everything a person could ask for. I think you classify as a genius. - RD

The software is fantastic!! I can appreciate it because I used to spend weeks to work all these details out manually when I used to prepare extensive charts about twenty years ago in India. Traditional, Krishnamurti, Transits, Varshaphala .... you have got the whole lot. The analysis in terms of the various yogas occurring in the horoscope is brilliant. The reports on interpretations based on yogas, sign/house combinations, planet positions and aspects is excellent. The software is easy to use and the extensive support material helps me polish up my some of my rusty concepts. I am delighted and I feel frustrated that I can not find words to convey how much I appreciate this software. I understand Jyotish. I also understand Human Computer Interaction and Software Engineering as I design Tutoring Systems. I can therefore appreciate the software in all its glory. Such work has to be inspired. I can feel in my bones that the spirits of the Bhrigu, Parashar, Garg, Yavan, Chyavan, Bhaskar, Varah Mihir and all other rishis, munis and acharyas are happy and bless you.

Ashok Patel Director, CAL Research & Software Engineering Centre Leicester England, U.K.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful program, it is an invaluable jewel. I am really impressed. I learned to use your program 85% in one week. I learned in your program in one week what I learned from other courses in 6 months. -CF

I received the software earlier this week and have been enthralled since. The video was very helpful. Thank you. There is so much to Goravani Jyotish that I can see that it could take years to become proficient in all of the features. It's amazing how accurate the program is regarding personalities. -FD

I'm very impressed. I had no troubles, everything is excellent. -AP

Every time I use it I encounter another feature that makes me say to myself, "This is an awesome program." -LO

The program is superbly designed. In fact I could find anything within an hour or so. - RG

The program so far is behaving superbly. I am always full of praise over your program when I discuss it with anyone. It truly is a magnificent piece of design and programming.-LI

I do love the program and as I've said before, your work is of monumental historical significance. -US

I have just printed the first chart with readings. I am absolutely delighted with the result. I have seen all astro programs available in India or here in North America, but yours is by far the best, in terms of ease, depth , and thoroughness.-YR

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Jyotish Studio 5.1
Vedic Astrology Software
Runs on Windows 64 bit versions
Windows 10
Mac OSX, Mojave, Catalina
It is feature Rich
Friendly Interface, 3D
Easy to Learn and Use
Natal and transit Readings
Awesome Transits Window
All options you expect are there
All the main features of Parashara Astrology




Gorgeous Chart WindowsJupiter

Colorize Things However You Desire - Click the Button to see!




See the program in detail via many screenshots on various subjects




The following are optional art chart backgrounds you can choose from in Jyotish Studio

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What is Jyotish?


Jyotish, also known as Vedic or Hindu Astrology, is that science wherein the planetary positions at the time of birth are studied, along with certain angles of the Zodiac, to determine qualities and characteristics of the person or thing that took birth at that specific time and location.

Jyotish is a Sanskrit (Ancient India) word that means "The Science of Light", which refers to the planets as light reflective bodies in space. It may very well be more based on Gravity than on light. The gravity of the planets pull on each other perturbing their orbits, which shows the force of gravity on things.

Books on Jyotish are as old as 3,000 years. There are many ancient books on Jyotish written by Indians and Greeks as well as others. There are two main systems of Astrology on Earth, the Indian and the Greek. The Greek uses the Tropical Zodiac and the Vedic uses the Sidereal Zodiac. The two zodiacs are different at this time by a distance of 24 degrees.

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac, and 27 fixed stars that are taken into consideration in Jyotish. The 27 stars are like the signs in that they are each of the same length, 13 degrees 20 minutes, and govern certain qualities and characteristics. Together these are what is read as the backdrop to the moving planets. The planets are always 'located within' the range of a certain sign and certain star, and the combination of planet with sign, house and star give rise to the readings or interpretations that are the final product of Astrology.


What is Goravani Jyotish Studio?


Jyotish Studio is a modern computer program that runs on Macintosh and Windows computers, that does Jyotish or Vedic Astrological Calculations, produces charts of the planets at the time of a birth, and outputs interpretations or readings based on those charts. Besides charts it includes many other techniques found in the classical and modern books on Jyotish. Jyotish Studio is used by astrologers and students of astrology worldwide to do the difficult calculations of planetary positions, charts, and other techniques of Jyotish. This website is devoted to exposing and selling Jyotish Studio to the world. Here you can learn about, purchase, and download the Jyotish Studio software program.

The main way to contact me is through email:
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Or use the form below.

I am located in Portland Oregon USA, which is on the West Coast, in the Pacific Time Zone, Greenwich minus 8 hours. Email or Form Mail me with any questions you might have.

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Hello, I'm Das Goravani, the developer of Jyotish Studio and the older Goravani Jyotish softwares for Vedic Astrology. I was born Richard Wurst, but changed my name to a Bengali Hindu Name after spending years in the Hare Krishna movement. There I learned all about Vedic things and took on a life devoted to working for them. I'm available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to write to me: das@goravani.com

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